Sony Ericsson J200

Sony Ericsson J200

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  • kurenai

I used a Motorola before I got this one with me. Considering price, this baby is a good deal... nice features and all, its dedicated ringtone speaker kicks hard. One thing bothers me most: batt life. Oh, the navigator button is sometimes an issue as well. Unintentionally sent a few SMS for keep pressing it but maybe it's just me.

  • marsovac

It already sells in Belgrade for 120.- EUR. (Network free version). But compared to Siemens C65 that sells for 100.- this is not a very good deal...

  • Gorbachok

hey Andrew,
if you want a reliable phone nokia is ur ONLY choice mate! it's a joke to even suggest that SE phones have stable and reliable softwares. why else do u think it performs so badly in the mobile phone market ?

  • raj

Its a jewel not a phone...its unique design and display is simply excellent...great keep up...

  • par

when will j200 come to europe!

  • Fahad

Well this is the classical set i have ever seen , well its really fantastic i prefer this cell phone, cool colors and light in weight the only disadvantage of this phone is it does not have the memory too much, but still its an ideal cell phone to use..

  • Viswanathan M

It is really a fantastic phone in its cost.
The demerit it holds is the absence of MMS and less memory. Rest is really good.

My suggestion to you is please go for a sony ericsson or why not, philips. Never in my life i shall suggest a nokia to any one.

  • Andrew

Seems to do everything I want. My biggest problem is the battery life; part of the reason I replaced my old Nokia 2100 was because I had to charge it every second day; well this phone is brand new and I'm probably having to charge it more frequently than my old nokia.

  • Anonymous

DO not buy this phone it, it has a really really bad joystick. I sell this at my work and i have used it its features are ok but the joystick is horrible. I do not recommend this phone!

  • ashish paliwa

it's a fantastic mobile but i am facing a great problem with j200i that i has have to charge it after every 42 hours please give me suggession

  • Steve

I bought this phone for $99AU From Vodafone and for the low price it was, im pretty happy with what i bought. i didnt expect a handheld PC with all the bells and whistles that the upmarket phones are like. I never feel the need to use MMS, because this phone has IRDA which allows the user to transfer things freely. Also the colour screen does the job for seeing things clearly and it sounds nice when it rings. Overall if i had a choice between this phone and some nokia equivelant i would certainly pick this one. its great for the price and does the job plus some nice extras.

  • steve

hey guys does anyone know if the upgrade of this, the J200i has MMS capability? pls let me know ? thanks.

  • kam


  • Anonymous

good entry level phone..u get what you paid for

  • Aniruddha Nadkarni

Hey there Fellas,
Yes... I must agree. In terms of the features it has to offer, this phone is a really good buy. But then, I have faced some problems with my phone. I bought the phone in December, 2004 and already the battery lasts for a day at the most. At times the battery low audible alarm sounds even when the battery display indicates otherwise. The newest problem I have experienced is that, when I'm using the phone, it restarts on it's own for some reason. I have just sent it to the service center and hope that they will be able to fix the issue.

All in all, I like the phone. But I am a little upset because of this erratic behaviour.

  • Limey

good value for money...Not a bad third handset

  • mobile maniac

hey nice phone could anyone tell me does this set have a sound recorder and could i put a mp3 software in it

  • Memet

Good color in 4096, nice sound, nice design ....

  • Reign

what type of ringtone format for this phone midi or mmf

  • Ray

At Rs 5200/- in India this mobile rocks. At this price you can compromise for its slow reaction time, its not that slow as Motorolas are. Best 4096 display in the market. Good big screen size. Very small n handy n looks more upmarket fon. Go for it.