Sony Ericsson J200

Sony Ericsson J200

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  • Mohammed Danjuma Usm

Wallahi! this J200i of a thing! I regretted buying it with my God given Money N13,500.00 Thirteen Thousand Five Hundred Nigerian Naira. Its failed just 2 weeks from purchase, I was charging it, and that was all. I Love SonyEric.. phones but I hated J200i and all J series everi.
No spearboards, no softwares for rplacement etc, I just thro it on the carpet.

  • naw

this hp is sucks!i used it only 4 6 months n i changed 2 nokia 7260.the joystick is stupid.n i cant even change the cover.hell!!the battery is the worst of all hp..even nokia 3310 is better..haha..n i cant even use the gprs!i hate dis hp..but the sound is very good..but after all i hate dis sweat!

  • hc hooligan

i have a sony ericsson j200 to and i hate the joystick to and if i want get a new ringtone he dosent do anything :s and i dosent know how you can instal gprs please somebody help me

iam dutch

  • Drew

It is a really useless phone...joystick stuffed, GPRS stuffed (three times in 6 months!), screen too small, poor build quality, went down about $50 from two months after I got it, poor battery, just a piece of useless tripe. And it is slow.

No games, themes, infrared does not work properly, and everything is under strange menu names. Fun and Games? Why not call it Fun Stuff?

Do not buy the J200i, you're wasting your cash, believe me. Sony Ericsson need to get their act together quickly, because I'm going for an LG next. Hopefully that isn't pathetic as J200i.

My rating? 0/10

  • Shahzad Jigri

yes it is already a good cell phone but had a very bad problem and that is the battery of sony errecson j200!. and it,s joy stick is also useless.

  • Ankur Achajee

I have been using J200 for about 9 months or so.The desighn is ok but the joystick is the worst i ever used in my life. Compared to its counterparts the battery life is the worst which lasts a few hours only. Anybody there in the company should consider my problem and take necessary actions.I wont recommend this mobile to anyone. My friend too is suffering and has sold his mobile for just 1500 bugs.There can be many options for a consumer to take necessary actions so do look into this matter seriously.

  • varun

Battery Back-up and the joystick suck!

  • sanju

Is it possible to increase the memory....???

  • Khurram Ansari

Problem is joystick. Otherwise a good mobile

  • subrat

How to delete the predefined picture,tones,games.

  • Sif Fonez

Stupid Sony Erection and their stupid joysticks. Battery is BAD.
I have the same problem with the phone not turning on.

  • KuRRopT_Phone

Yeh this is a pretty swell phone, besides the battery life....


..Just flashes red at the 'no' button when I start recharging.

wth is the deal wit hthat??


and yes i forgot to tel abt the battery its REALLY USELESS !!!!! and if the vibe is also in use then IT ALSO GIVES U PROBLEMS ie it stops viberating!!!!!!!!!!

  • farrukh

i had this phone its fine but i realy want to worn all those people who hate to get their sets repaired again and again bcz the joy stick starts to give you problems after a few monts as their is an open space that allows dust in and creats problems i sugg:dont buy!!!!!

  • dazza

After having this phone for 6 months I was ready to get a new one , battery is useless ,shocking and disgraceful . I,ve had this phone back to the place of purchase several times and it is still rubbish .Even had a new battery and new charger . You will have to charge it every 2nd day even if you only send a few messages .Nothing like going from half charge to nearly nothing after a 1 minute phone call . Do yourself a favour dont buy this very bad phone . :( not useful in a emergency

  • Adnan Ali(pk)

Asllam alaikum
It is very good cell phone.
its bettery time is not good.
it is comfortable in hands.
its sounds are very lovely.

  • Anonymous

this is very nice mobile phone very nice sounds every thing is perfact...
likeable cell phone.
easy to use.

  • vickey(pakistan)

its a very bad mobile i use for only 3 months the main problem is its joystick bad one i suggest that dont buy this cell phone..............

  • sweety

I had also the same cell (damn cell) and it always get stuck. It's nothing but wastage of Money, Time, Ear Energy, Personal Buildup.
Besides this it even does not contain large mmemory. :(

  • Anonymous

I had a bought a couple of top-end phones before and either lost them or broke them in some way. Hence got this a year ago for about $70 so I wouldn't have that gutting "what a waste of money" feeling. Must say I couldn't be happier - good reception, good volume (ring tone and speaking), none of the freezing issues I has with some of my more expensive phones. Also has a sort of 'i'm no fashion victim' sort of cool to it IMHO. No MMS or internet or anything, but then do you actually know anyone who uses that? Battery life it not fantastic but if you plug it in and the end of the day like I do then its no worries.


ps - I couldn't work out at first how to turn up speaker volume - you need to push up on the joystick DURING a call. No way to do it when not on a call it seems.