Sony Ericsson J220

Sony Ericsson J220

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How long does it take to charge?

  • Paul Malaysia

Bought second hand for only RM10 on Jun 2016 for my phone collection. A simple phone . luckly every system function. ( Look in my Bloger - RD LOVER )

  • Anonymous

My J220i works just fine since August 2007. It is really robust, as it fell down countless times, but is still working...

Jack, J220i supports 900 MHz and 1800 MHz band and therfore works almost everywhere (except for America).

  • jacky

phantom, 18 Dec 2014I bought my phone back in Jan 2007. it still works. I bought it ... moreI have J220i. Do you know whether it works/how it works abroad (Netherlands? Does it automatically find local network or do I have to do something? I have vodafone payg. Thank you.

  • phantom

I bought my phone back in Jan 2007. it still works. I bought it for long distance calls and to use for 911. the battery is now not staying charge as long as it use to. I will soon need to buy a new cell phone. it was the best $30.00 I ever spent.

  • roy mardanus

my 1st phone, still working until now. it was 5 years ago, however now i have cedar...

  • Anonymous

This is a very cheap phone, so don't expect much feature from it. I bought it used for only $10.
It's OK if all you need is a basic phone (call and text message only)

  • Anonymous

not good no internet rubbish

  • greex

how make internet on Sony Ericsson J220

  • ik zeg geen naam!

wy have a one

  • andhixa;INDONESIA

How about internet service of sej220i

  • Anonymous

how to use gprs on this phone? i'm always get report GPRS Failed :confused:

  • Anonymous

nice design i like it but why no radio!! :( i need radio on J220i. i hate you SE!! i don't like J230i design

  • Curzon Rahman

chris, 28 Mar 2008j220i. please does it has a data cable?what cable does it use fo... morei don't know.

  • chris

j220i. please does it has a data cable?what cable does it use for editing data?

  • NL

Is this phone has light-on feature in it's body side' like z310i? I mean for incoming calls or messages

  • ganesh

worst phone in memory

  • Nick

this is a rubbish phone. the singnal goes down all the time and the one you are talking to doesn't hear a damn what you are saying.

  • Krzysztof

I think, that J220i is very good, simple phone:) It's doing his work (sending sms messages, and calling) very good:) Later I was a big fan of Siemens, but when BenQ started to modify Siemens phones... SE is just better:)


After one year of using, I have found the option button and the cancel button is not functioning and instead if we press to lock the key pad, * and # symbols are coming respectively for those buttons.