Sony Ericsson J300

Sony Ericsson J300

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  • fadi

for alex:
u can visit to clicking on j300 to see how to change the covers.

  • lex

Can you tell me how to change the cover?

  • alex

How do you change the cover on the phone? Do you need a technician to change the cover? If so what companys can?

  • Eesha

Hi people
well i wana ask :
1) can we use mp3 as rigtones ( both for call n sms alerts)?
2) i saw different opinions where ppl said that therz haedset with radio for this mobile.i mean can we listen to radio by using such headset device? is that available in pakistan?
3)plz tell me the software for converting mp3 to amr files.
thanx in advance..
from eesha.

  • Jayesh Pakhale

I have purchased j300. It is very nice but data cable doesn't come with package. And we can store almost 3 songs but up to 100 small size picture can be stored. It is nice with compare to its price.

  • Bimal


Here is your answers,
1) J300i doesn't have infrared but it has USB port.
2) Data cable doesn't come with package.
3) It has 10 mb of memory hence it can store upto 3 songs. But you can edit the song and put them as ringtones.
4) I think silver colours looks nice.

  • apoorva

hey plz answer the few questions i asked earlier which r given a after a few opinions. im in gr8 need of all the answers. so DO answer :-)

  • Ishad Abbasi

I just brought this mobile phone.
Its nice
Can we use data cable with it ?

  • Lalit

Dear Friends,

Please let me know which model data cable is suitable for J300i and which indian site is offering also where can I get protective cover/case for it. I want to know if it plays mp3 songs or not. Is there any difference between mp3 ringtones and mp3 songs ?

  • Kayruel

i'm just bought this phone, i think it's better from Nokia.The sound was great .I'm very love the curve that SE made.

  • apoorva

hey plz can i kno if
1) the J300i has infrared or not??
2) the usb cable comes along wid it or not??
3) how many songs can i b able to store??
4) which color of the phone is best looking??
plz do answer the questions as im in gr8 need of knowing abt. them.
thnx. answer soon.

  • Ammar Haider

I m using this mobile last 4 months.Sound quality of this mobile is Excellent just like K750i or W800i. In my opinion if u want best sound quailty mobile in cheap price, u must buy this mobile without any hesitation.

  • Ram

I Want Buy J300 OR K300i I am Confused I Want
Full Sound In Which Mobile J300 OR K300i

  • Bis

I suggest J300 of course coz K300 VGA camera is unfair with it`s 12 mb

That`s just my opnion

  • apoorva

hey im gettin confused on which phone to buy- k300i or j3001? im not bothered abt the camera. its just dat i want a gud mp3 player. do suggest me on which one should i go for. i'll b real grateful if u do dat.
im real confused and im in real hurry 2 buy a phone. so do suggest. thnx

  • Jahangir

hi...the phone is grt a cheap cell phone with grt functions but i hav a prob with its software...i call to any unsaved no. but when i see the call dialed in dialed calls it shows any name on it.....this is the only prob

  • Anonymous

how to set gprs

  • Big L

I have a Mobile camera MCA-30(communicam.
Can i connect it to the J300?
It works with T300.

  • felise

yes the overall is veeery pretty but a phone without bluetooth or infrared port is not cool

  • Lawrence Chin

About the phone , overall ok but only the designehen refer back of the phone got one extended feature look like anttena but doesn't function at all. So what the point the design like that but not applicable.