Sony Ericsson J300

Sony Ericsson J300

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  • sam

beter to sale it

  • Bala

i am using this mobile since 2006, i am very happy and enjoying all the features in the mobile. but i am unable to store more than 700 contacts. how can i add more contacts

  • jamy

this is a great phone, really funky
never had any battery problems but my joystick doesn't function anymore...this is just because i've had it for a really long time

everyone who sees my phone says it's real cool (mine was pink, but i painted it multiple colors, still a little pink though)

  • inboil

i bought my J300 in was then a pre-release and :).I added a 3cm bright leather strap ;) It works still with original and first battery!! Great phone,really.

  • Anonymous

So great!!! all your comments are true, i got mine in 2006 and just this year (2010) i got problem with the battery, like jasmina said, find the original battery is the only one problem. this phone is very easy to use, so perfect and it could be totally perfect if camera was included, but even without camera, it is nice. i m looking to take same again, grey color.

  • jasmina

great phone, i still have it and works like first day
i have it allmost 6 years but lately the bathery make me problem but I can not find the original to replace it. Now I am looking for an other Soni Ericsson any sugestions???

  • HL

Ohh, man! This was a GREAT phone! It wasn't the first cell I ever used, but really the first that belonged to me (I was a little kid then, actually!). I had it for a LONG time, in midnight grey, but I attached the pink back to it. This was during the golden age of cell phones. I was on SunCom. Haha. I have all the apps memorized by heart-Street Fighter, Darts, and Ringtone Maker! I loved them. The themes were happee, rings, stitches, and I think one called Pulse or something that had a sort of signal wave background. It was a tiny but durable thing, surviving multiple drops from 3 stories onto pavement and into the pool. It didn't have a camera, and that was its only fault. I found it to be more entertaining than an iPhone! xP

  • swarna

i am using this phone from last 4 years. i think it is the best phone .it is very cute i like it is always in my hand.

  • Deepanshu Sharma

Hi.. Frnds.. I hav a prob. wid my j300i... I can do browsing in Opera Mini 4.2 but can't do browsing in Phone's Browser nd because of that i can't download anything...
Plz gave me any solution...emmideatly plzzzzzz....


  • Anonymous

j300i is smartest j series. king of j series. i can send email and browsing with opera mini.

please dont compare this phone with X1,X2,X3....hehe

  • NVD

Great phone, simply great SE or any company have ever made, I have this phone for the last 4 yrs, this phone enduered a lots of accidents with me, several times it dropped in water sank for long time but never switched off, non-stop working, best battery time, worth mentioning recharges with in half an hour. such a simple and featured phone is not available from other company in such category.

  • binoy

the battery of this phone is very bad although the phone is great.battery cost about 1400 Rupees.its better to buy nokia 1200 after the battery down.

  • binoy

"p's my initial, 02 Sep 2008i'm using this phone for many months, the first time i brought t... moresky and lie has no limit

  • Lekan

This phone is simply the best and a rugged fone sonyericsson ever made and i've been using it for more than 3years. what a phone indeed

  • Anton

In my opinion, this is one of the best phones SE has EVER made! I jave had it for about two years (not every cellphone can last that long!), and it never gave me a single problem with anything! The reception is great anywhere I go with it, the battery lasts for 3 or even 4 days on one full charge, the phone is small, easy to carry and use. The only flaw is a hard-to-read display, and a samll keypad (hard to use for people with with large fingers). I wouldn't trade this phone for any other one! I wish SE would be making more of these small, simple and durable phones, and less of those expensive, fragile and bulky "3G stupid-smartphones"!

  • Thimira

the best txt loving 4n i ever seen

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  • MaK

am using this fone for more than two years
its great in simple and best as economically.

  • Anonymous

ja mnogo volim moj tel. 2 puta ga pregazio traktor, i nista.

  • dude

micky, 23 Nov 2008i've got one of this for 3 years...sow cool design but the joyst...`re right !