Sony Ericsson K300

Sony Ericsson K300

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  • pastravul

It's very good....for this price..i think.But for performance y need another phone...a 750i for example...i wanted :)

  • Colnagoguy

If something is wrong with the joystick, return the phone to the seller. It should work properly.

  • Taimur

Hi all, thanks colon.. ;) dnt mind bt its short form :P

hey , am facing a v huge problem for some days , sometimes i cant move my joystic downwards & leftwards ( sometimes ) while can move to the other 2 sides, pls tell me what to do .
although the phone hasn't been dropped by me, neither it has been hit by something .

  • Colnagoguy


this phone has mp3 capability so that you easily can listen to your favourite song as ring tone - it is not intended as a music phone. The 12 mb are intended mainly for photos and pictures.
If you want a music phone you should try out the walkman variants!

  • Thea

this is a great phone for just about anything, but what was sony thinking when they installed the mp3, with such a small memory you can only listen to 5 song and you cant enlarge the memory. but nice job guys i love my phone!!! : )

  • Colnagoguy


Sony Ericsson doesn't provide the option to send a contact with SMS - not with K300i or any other Sony Ericsson phone as I know of.

  • Colnagoguy


1) Can you play the mp3-song in the K300 with the media player?
2) Do you mean ring-tone when people call you up or do you mean as message alert? Changing message alert cannot be done other than the pre-installed variants given with the phone.

  • Colnagoguy


you can't use a bluetooth headset with it, since it doesn't have bluetooth. You need a more expensive phone.

  • Colnagoguy


this isn't part of the k300's functionality. I think Sony Ericsson wants the phone calls as such to be as free as possible of disturbing elements/sounds... the primary function of the K300i is being a phone...

However ... IR the sound-file to a computer, play it using the computer during the other call, holding the phone close to the computer's speakers. Perhaps not perfect, but it should do the trick.

  • Colnagoguy


1) go to,
2) chose K300i,
3) click mobile internet(WAP) and
4) follow the WAP Configurator.

Eventually you will get a sms that will send the correct settings to you. Accept the settings, turn of the phone, restart it (just like a PC). Now it should work!

If the problem persists despite this, contact your operator's (operator = vodafone, orange, cingular, america movil etc etc) helpdesk. They are the ones who make money on you using this service, so they should help you on this matter!

  • Colnagoguy


This is not a firmware problem - as it says in the manual, the image editor is available for pictures in sizes 160x120 or 320x240 pixels (which means it's not available for the 2 largest picture sizes).

Besides, if you want to do something really nice my best advice is to IR it to the computer, edit with a suitable PC program and IR it back again to the phone - much quicker and with better results! Why?
1) More ergonomic with a PC
2) PC has better and bigger screen which gives higher precision
3) The PC programs can do much more

  • Colnagoguy


- K300c is the K300 version aimed for China (on 900/1800/1900 band.
- K300a is the K300 version aimed for Americas (north/south america on 850/1800/1900 band)
- K300i is the K300 version aimed for all other countries - "international" (with 900/1800/1900 band)

  • Colnagoguy


since you have the correct cable and software installed this should not be a problem:

1) insert the DCU-11 cable into your usb port. The phone shuld be on.
2) doubleclick the Sony Ericsson File Manager icon on your desktop
3) doubleclick "My K300i"
4) double click "pictures"
5) drag and drop the jpg-file you want to have in your k300
6) the phone should play a simple melody as confirmation that something has happened - you are done!

  • Colnagoguy


contrast - follow these steps:
1) Press the joystick button to the right, 2) press *,
3) Press the joystick button to the left,
4) Press the joystick button to the left,
5) press *,
6) Press the joystick button to the left,
7) Press *.
8)Go to service settings (2nd option)
9) press only option contrast,
10) fix contrast with joystick up/down

  • Colnagoguy


Main differences between k300 and k500 are:

- K500 has other design than K300; K500 is larger mainly due to larger display.
- K500 has bigger display
- K500 has better display technology, TFT (same as T630 - brighter, clearer). K300 has cheaper display technology, CSTN (same as T610)
- K500 has lid to protect camera
- K500 has antenna connector on back so you can use car antenna.

  • texas

colonanoguy this phone is supposed to have an image editor in the manual it say choose a pic taken w/ camera select use & then edit but when i select use the edit feature is not highlighted so i cant choose it do you think it could be a firmware problem

  • Dr_John

I bought it two months ago, I thought: Great phone for that price!!!Unfortunately after that I found that front panel is very fragile and sometimes software doesn't work!

  • brasil

ive bought this cool handphone.. just 4 days ago... im also bought it's usb cable. i enjoyed transferring mp3s from my the computer to hp. however, the problem is that, how can i transfer pictures that ive taken into my computer??? please... if anybody can help me to find the solution...

  • Haider

I think this fone is universal fone..and I find no diffrence in k508i,k500i and k300i...Its coollllll.....

  • Annum

itz a very good phone .but plz friends tell me how to creat its internet profile because each time i creat its internet profile ,its wrong.thanking u in advance.