Sony Ericsson K300

Sony Ericsson K300

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  • Michael

Ive had the phone for nearly 3 months now and i havent had one single problem since i got the phone.

  • asad

i need to know...if there is any problem in its joy stick after using it for some 3 to 4 months?
need urgent reply

  • Hammad

i want to buy k500 or k508i first ,
but as i went to market to buy those , they are out of stock , thats shocking for me.

i then found a broucher of k300i, i want up to to check specification / features of k300i.

i get all the features found exactly the same as of k500/508i ,

the difference was a small screen / non tft only. so i went for k300i.

must recommend to those who wants all sets of function(camera(vga- 640 x 480 ) ,mp3 player, 65k colours screen ,40 polyphonic ,music dj (create your own polyphonic melodies) , video stream/playback,long battery etc) in affordable price.

no problem found :

its a very nice phone , i buyed it on 2th nov, found it pretty decent.

call clarity is matchless even at 2 signal the call doesnot drop.

nice phone book to customize , copy and edit ...

altough i was to experience first time the joystick navi, but using the joy stick is easy ,
overall the phone is excellent , its very userfreidnly and easy to operate handset,this is my first se (sony ericsson)experience.

battery fully charge in 1hr.15(min)

video recording (4x zoom)is excellent , 1 min of 128x96 size video takes 568kb only .

mp3 and other polyphonic tones are heard well .

i want to say well done sony ericsson at the end.

rating *********9/10

  • Colnagoguy


it depends on what you want to pay for.

K700 and k300 are similar but K700 has more memory, a much better display, antenna connector for car antenna on back, bluetooth, FM radio etc which the K300 doesn't have.

Check out the features at Sony Ericsson's website and compare!

  • Colnagoguy

The Motorola RAZR V3 is targeted towards people who want a more "flashy" fassion phone and like the clamshell form factor.

Compared to the V3, the K300:
- has a cheaper and smaller display (CSTN, not TFT)
- can record video as well as play video (V3 can only play video)
- has 50 hrs more standby time
- 4x digital zoom (V3 has none)
- 10-12 MB memory. V3 has 5 MB memory
- 40 tones polyphony compared to 24 for V3
- has IR-port but no bluetooth (V3 has bluetooth but no IR port)
- Integrated file manager
- MP3 player
- Users' profiles
- Musical composer, MusicDJ
- Themes for changing the interface, several themes are preinstalled include not only wall-papers, but sounds and graphical elements of the interface
- Dictaphone(Limited only with free memory).
- also has recurrent alarm clock (as well as plain alarm clock)
- Photo album (My Pictures) - a possibility to set extra pictures , receiving pictures from a PC or a camera
Games - in 3D as well as 2D.

Again.... the K300 main attractiveness lies in that is has so many features for it's price. If you like the V3 design and want to pay for it, by all means go for it!

  • Colnagoguy

But then again, Sony Ericsson K300 is not competing against Samsung e720 which is in a complete different price segment with megapixel camera, 90 MB memory, TFT display and Bluetooth.

The Sony Ericsson K300 is targeted towards users who want a simple camera phone which is easy to use and presents a lot of value for money. For more advanced users there are other phones to look at.

  • jaapio

some friend of mine wanted this phone, but believe me: compared to the samsung e720 its nothing!

  • Colnagoguy

Totaly correct. Exact same camera inside in K700, K500, K300.

  • marke

that is because of the display... the photo is the same except it will look better on k700 because of the better (TFT) display, but if u transfer photos from both phones to PC, you'll find out that they are the same... colnagoguy, correct me if i'm wrong, i don't really have any of these phones, so i'm not really 100% sure...

  • madd

i noticed that the specks for the k700 and the camera on the k700 and the k300 are the same, but i took a look at the display of both phones(when u r about to take pic)and it seems as if the k700 camera is better, is this so or is it that the k700 as a better screen display?

  • Colnagoguy


Main differences between k300 and k500 are:

- K500 has other design than K300; K500 is larger mainly due to larger display.
- K500 has bigger display
- K500 has better display technology, TFT (same as T630 - brighter, clearer). K300 has cheaper display technology, CSTN (same as T610)
- K500 has lid to protect camera
- K500 has antenna connector on back so you can use car antenna.

Winston Clarke,

I agree with your daughter, since the Nokia 6170 has a TFT display ...
Please observe that K300 is the cheapest Sony Ericsson camera phone. K500 has a display equivalent to Nokias, but the higher up one climbs the price ladder, the better the displays become. The K750 and W800 have very impressive displays. Check these phones!

Also, as far as I understand the Nokia 6170
- cannot record video (only play),
- has only 2,3 mb memory while K300 has 10-12 mb,
- is a complete different form factor (clam shell)
- is much more expensive

  • Winston Clarke

Thanks for the information on the site for finding a user manual.. I did as you suggested and got the manual. I was pleased before, now that I know more about, and how to use the phone, I am even more pleased with it. I have also read your responses to other queries and found them very informative. Keep the good work up.. My daughter likes the phone but thinks the display is no way as good as the Nokia 6170. She likes Sony and was wondering whether Sony has a phone with as good a display as the Nokia 6170

  • Colnagoguy

Except that on J300 one has exchangable covers - not so on K300.
The J300 does not have an infrared port either; K300 does.

  • Kazama

the j300 with camera

  • Amit Kher

The software for connecting the phone to PC is available on the Sony Ericsson site. It is called SE File Manager & is a 33 MB file.
Also u need to install the software for the USB cable which is available from SE site

The phone has no USB port. THe USB cable has a phone connector on 1 end & a USB connector for the PC at the other end

  • Asein

Where is the USB port for sony Ericson K300i?

  • Sunil Singla

I need a software for k300 phone that connects my phone with the PC. I have USB data cable and it is working properly but a software to communicate my phone with the PC is needed. Please help me that how and where from i can have software. I have already tried sony ericsson site but unable to find the right software.

  • Colnagoguy


if you read further down you can see this is one of the most asked questions. The answer is:

"In some markets it's not possible to turn off the camera sound due to legal requirements (avoidance of peek photos)".

  • user

K300i is cheap and wonderfull than the other like nokia but have a problem: u can not silent the camera shut

  • Colnagoguy


I would recommend you to go to your operator's site (the one you pay your mobile phone bills to) and look there. If you still have problems I would recommend you to phone up your operator's helpdesk. For every mms, wap or email you send your operator will be making money, so it is in your operator's interest to help you!