Sony Ericsson K510

Sony Ericsson K510

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No card slot? Seriously?

  • Phonefinderandlover!

battery , 06 May 2014i have an Sony Ericsson K510 the battery does not charge so i wa... moreK220i

  • TEX

They always say it cant be repaired, its a get out, they mean to say they havnt got a clue buy another phone.


This brings me back to year 2010. my mom used it as her work phone. then after couple weeks i got it. i still have it! i love these kinds of sony ericsson phones!

  • AnonD-671582

Guys when my mobile was dying I transferred my pictures to my PC, and noticed battery charging via USB port. It taken little longer. Now I switch off my cell and charge via USB pot of my PC. SAVED MY SONY ERICSSON. and thanks to comment from ROMMY i will clean it up and make it work like new. Thanks Sony for this platform we can share.

  • AnonD-671582

i used this phone since april 2007 till yesterday 22.5.17 when it stopped charging. service people say cant be repaired.
very nice phone no battery or any trouble. joy stik was stuck some times may be due to dust.

  • RakaRizkyA

OMG, I still remember when first time played QuadraPop in 2008 and then my mother give this phone to me when i was in junior high school, & be my first phone. We (me,my mother, & my brother) played QuadraPop as a competitive one. It's just like simple game but very addictive. What a memory !!
This phone actually bring me to become a gamer.
I played so many games with this phone. Assassin Creed series, Real Football series, Pro Evolution Soccer, Asphalt Series, Prince of Percia series, and many more.
My mother give this phone to his relative in 2012. That time i just feel nothing cause I have new phone called Nokia C3-00. But after 2-3 month later until now, i just very-very miss this phone so bad.

  • AnonD-534875

My Second Colur Phone :D

  • osh

i have k510. cute phone. super for internet. but some times that have software problems. some times not turning on. joystic button (center) not strong. key pad is not good. charger is not god. battery is not god. camera is not strong. (this is truth. one day i wash phone after remove battery. because that was not turning on. i heard some computer motherboard problems solve after some jumper spark. then i use water for spark my k510 phone. crayzy idea. but that stil working. :-) ) my last openion dont buy this phone

  • AnonD-519148

Wowwwwwwwww it was a damn good phone...this phone brings me back in high school days..this phone was came with external camera flash that was new thing that time...I want buy this phone again
GSM arena please help me

  • AnonD-312844


  • Ayesha

Behnam, 19 Mar 2014I have k510ii need K510i body cover

  • AnonD-270522

Baffin, 16 Mar 2014Who still have this phone ?I have =) best mobilephone:

+ Shells
+ headphones
+ (Bonus for Purchasing phone) glasses
+ Box with documentations and software Disc
+ Two batterys
+ Two adapters
+ Two USB cables

Now I using new tablet and mobilephones from Nokia and Apple. But k510i not have a glithes or problem like last models - nostalgy.


GSMArena Thank You for Preview =)!

  • battery

i have an Sony Ericsson K510 the battery does not charge so i was woundering can i take the battery out and put it into another sony phone and charge it. what will be the other phone that i can charge the k510i battery?

  • Behnam

Baffin, 16 Mar 2014Who still have this phone ?I have k510i

  • Baffin

Who still have this phone ?

  • rommy

hari, 21 Jul 2012oh! I m using this for more than 4 years! No problems at all!... moreHow do you get Opera?

  • rommy

Gibson, 18 Feb 2014I have this phone from the last ten years,I am very happy with t... moreHey, if you take it apart and give it all a good clean, it will be up and running smoothely again!!

  • Gibson

I have this phone from the last ten years,I am very happy with this phone, its an awesome phone, but now i
need to change the joystick and the battery of this phone, would you please find me a joystick with the
original battery.

Thanks and regards.


  • Anonymous

Can I download my Contacts into an excel spreadsheet and if yes, how?