Sony Ericsson K700

Sony Ericsson K700

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Mistake: CPU is unknown, but not MTK6592!

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    • Member Sony Ericsson
    • 3Lp
    • 18 Aug 2022

    First Mediatek phone

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      • farid
      • Kxc
      • 12 Aug 2022

      Anonymous, 17 Sep 2021Hi, I want to access Sony Ericsson k700i filesystem and co... moreUse Cruiser box and T28 Service Cable to dump all of File System files.

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        • Dexter
        • txn
        • 02 Jan 2022

        Anuj Gupta, 16 Apr 2021Can I get somewhere battery for Sony Ericsson K700i?ready

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          • Anonymous
          • p%8
          • 17 Sep 2021

          I want to access Sony Ericsson k700i filesystem and copy all files alongside with their original dates+time, but it does not work via bluetooth nor usb cable. Any other ideas?

            Can I get somewhere battery for Sony Ericsson K700i?

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              • k700 owner
              • 0ZA
              • 28 Sep 2019

              I had one, it was the K700i model.
              Found it way better than Nokia.

              The BST-30 battery capacity was 700 mAh, if it matters.

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                • Master of Disaster
                • I@a
                • 23 Sep 2019

                Ive had the k700i for 15 yrs. Didnt use it past 11 yrs but pulled it out of the memory desk draw,charged battery and put in a spare sim with fingers crossed i started it. It works as good as the day i bought it. Congrats sony ericsson this is a legend

                  striker, 14 Jul 2004k700 has 32mb with video recordings restricted to 30 second... moreThere's actually no such thing and no such limitation

                    AnonD-14851, 25 Jul 2011please what is the mortality rate of the sony ericson k700.*facepalm* this is very cringy...

                    Anyway, is that really important for any phone for that matter?

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                      • mukit
                      • vbe
                      • 16 Jan 2019

                      Anonymous, 21 Aug 2014somebody just gave me one of these and I love it but have n... moretheres's no wifi option

                        It was Walpole, 18 Nov 2018You mean BST-30 and BST-35, right?yes

                          Catherine the Great, 06 Sep 2018What a weirdo! Can't you just use a BST-33 battery instead,... moreYou mean BST-30 and BST-35, right?

                            raj, 09 Jun 2012I tried to get nokia bld-3 in market but did'nt find it any... moreWhat a weirdo! Can't you just use a BST-33 battery instead, like normal?

                              The d-pad/joystick doesn't work very well!

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                                • Anonymous
                                • DkC
                                • 15 Aug 2018

                                my frist mobile realy i miss it

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                                  • Anon
                                  • 0aE
                                  • 18 Jun 2018

                                  Legendary powerhouse of that time. Costed crazy money, but damn, that was real quality! Also the tennis game was addicting af.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • nNx
                                    • 03 May 2018

                                    From 2004 to 2018 it is currently my phone, i hope to continue to use it still for many years...

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                                      • Obaz
                                      • r3H
                                      • 03 Nov 2017

                                      my first phone. and my first camera phone.
                                      I miss you SE k700.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 0ab
                                        • 13 Sep 2017

                                        lol officially my first phone when I get into college. I played tennis game all day during class.