Sony Ericsson K700

Sony Ericsson K700

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  • Anonymous

somebody just gave me one of these and I love it but have no instructions, settings etc are a mystery. does anyone know if I can connect to wifi with it? thanks!

  • Morteza

I'm still using, better than smarts!

  • Anonymous

in the review they say back cover is just metal finished but uts actually a piese of aluminum pasted over black plastic cover i know this coz it came off my phone
i don't own it anymore but still consider it best device i owned
had it in working condition for 5 years

  • Lars

My first, and so far only mobile phone. Never had a problem with it since I bought it in 2005. The Toyota of mobile phones - a real workhorse with little/no issues.

  • morteza

I'm still using, better than smarts!


Incredible phone ! I saw it first time in 2004, and I never had it. But in that time better phone like K700 not exist.

  • Anonymous

best phone ever!

  • sameera

One of the Best phone used
Cheers K700!!!

  • Anonymous

One of the best mobil phone in theire times

  • Bean

Still have one of these , after all these years and its still going strong ,,, but . 3 chargers later and they are getting harder to find . That stupid , tiny middle male plug on the charger cable snaps off if not careful .
Great phone tho .

  • kanav

best phone i have ever used!!!!!!!

  • Midnight

1 of the best phone i've used as well. Only missing was a memory slot.

  • avi

one of the best phone i ever used..

  • Candra

Zoran, 10 Mar 2004I was planning on buying Siemens SX1 but now that this phon... moreSiemens is quit

  • raj

where can I get pcsuit,dcu11 driver software becoz sony has removed its official weblink for this phone

  • Anonymous

The best mobile phone ever made.I've bought it 12.2004 and I'm still using it. the best piece of technology that every one can wish to have it.

  • Charles

This was a wonderful product. I wish i can have 1 more piece for memories. It could still sell in kenya for 100 us dollars comfortably

  • Anonymous

does anyone know to switch the display contrast and brightness of this phone?

  • expert

Its awesome mobile, i had use it over the 4-5 years.
its still working in properly.
This is best mobile.

  • jemjem

this phone is the most coolest ever i'm still using it w/ my bld-3 battery k700 i had it with 75 coolest java game 1 anti virus 1 s. calculator 1 oxford dict. 3 operamini apps in just 1 phone awesome!! the best thing with my k700i is my free nternet still using it 4 1 yr. thks 2 my operamini..

all i can say i love this phone.. (^-^)