Sony Ericsson K700

Sony Ericsson K700

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maybe somebody want to sell this phone, for lower price?

  • Anonymous

is there anyone knows hir how to use the pc suite in win. 98?

  • TTY

I bought this excellent phone last week and I have no regret at all! I managed to trade-in my pain-in-the-neck Siemens CF62. The display is amazing, reception good, and the sound is clear and crisp. The most aamzing thing is the bluetooth connection--it is the most easiest and effective one I found. With the price below US$320, I consider it to be the best phone for money compared to those expensive Nokias.

  • robert

how do i unlock the radio i dont want to use the headset to listen to it

  • Arun

Does K700i supports additional memory sticks?

  • ^Angel^

of course it supports themes =)

  • Anonymous

The camera is nexcellent

  • sada

I'm in love with this phone, but b4 I get one, pls someone tell me if this phone supports themes.

  • yeah

dis fone is one of the great fone in the market 6230 is second one!!!

  • Anonymous

the person who own this phone should be very proud
impresive phone!!!!

  • kira

to adhitya,

thanks for dat info.i will try it later but now i don think i really have the time coz im quite busy with my studies,no time for fone,but i did write down the thing that u teach me and hope it will help,thanks again!

  • Ikhsan Aminuddin

It's classy phone and rich with a lot of feature inside!! So many things can be done by this phone!! I'm not calling it the best, but it's the fact that it is the best!!

  • adhitya

To: Kira
Mmmm...., do u want 2 view it at ur k700?
Why dont just view it at ur PC?
Ok, if u insist just try this

Rename it with .bmp
maybe it help
Send it from ur k700's direct to ur email and check type of that item at ur PC then try to rename it (i.e if type of file is mid then rename it just like before)

To check type of item at ur PC:
just download it from ur email
then right click it then choose property, then u can see it type of file

If u have trouble 2 send it 2 ur email from ur k700, just send me an email ok.
I'm not visiting that often
Good Luck

  • Lad

To Unknown: Yeah, I also read about those samsung handsets that u mentioned. Accdg to what I saw on d internet, those fones including D500 were included in the launching of Samsung E800 hir in the Philippines... Unfortunately, I haven't seen any of those yet in the market esp in sm malls.

  • fendy

i read in newspaper someone has tried the nokia battery bld-3 1150 mah into that possible??

  • Anonymous

loud speaker? compared to 6600 maybe loud but compared e398, u can't hear k700. Plus no expansion slot. if you want a really good phone wait for some very good samsungs coming out this year. One of them has 1.5 GB internal hard drive,the oher one has 3.2 MP camera and the other model has Speech to Text engine. Yet, i love my e398 i want to have one of these three but it's like a dream. Because their prces will be around $800. But u want a good phone, they are very good phones.

  • Anonymous

one word: best

  • Anonymous

it is definite, it doesn't work with 98. I forgot where I saw it, it says so probably in the manual. I even asked Sony Ericsson about it. Unless there is a new disc I haven't heare of. 2000 , xp or above should work, yet somehow it didn't work on mine, maybe I got the wrong cable

  • emo_hristov

to unknown.
come on man.... it must work with win 98! are u sure it doesn't work with win millenium or older!

  • Jkrause

Yeh the k700i has a loudspeaker. when the call is connected, you push the middle button and go down to loudspeaker.

phone has everything youd need from a phone, apart from a memeory card slot, but with the size of the memory (41mb!)on it already you dont really need a card.
wicked phone, no complaints, only that im on bodafone (UK) and i cant use my mp3s as ringtones cuz their software doesnt handle it.