Sony Ericsson K700

Sony Ericsson K700

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  • steve

-and i've had it for 4 months!

  • steve

no it ain't true! this phone hasn't crashed on me yet and i've been putting it thru it's paces!

  • the one

is it true this phone crashes alot after setting shortcuts?

  • Juice

Greer that so called nipple problem you're having can be easily fixed by going into the menu and deactivating the direction shortcuts on the stick

  • ah pek

sean392, for sure i know bt and ir is easy and convenient. but most of the time i sent MMS is to all my previous classmate and friend who had been long time no met. did u get me?

  • sean392

hey!! other malaysians..... digi n maxis got abit prob la.... also use la ur bt n iR its free :D
im using maxis.... but nv set up sms

  • Greer

Re the K700i, I cant get the synch to work at all - tried Bluetooth, gave up, bought a USB cable, still no luck. Main system software is crap - badly designed, and faulty. Annoying - the "nipple" still beeps when pressed even with the keyboard locked. The phone software has crashed at least five or six times in the last month and it intermittently locks up or simply stops operating in the middle of a call, even with plenty of signal strength. The nipple button is too easy to accidentaly push to one side when trying to press it down, thus selecting "make a shortcut" or one of the other functions when all you really want is to activate the main menu...sorry...I found Nokia software a lot easier to use and a lot more reliable...

  • Edmond

excelent phone! got my own right here next to my! its perfect for every ocasion! thank you sony ericsson:)

  • the one

it's an amazing phone but it would be nice if there was a built in usb port and a mmc slot with symbian os

  • tanpa nama

i'm a digi user currently using alcatel 735. Apparently only compatible phone can receive mms from other phone, in my case i can only receive and send mms to 735, even to maxis user. if i send to other types of phone, the receiver will only get id and password to view it on their respective service provider website.

  • saleh

it is nice

  • ah pek

Hi, all SE fans ... i m ah pek from malaysia ... i got this phone 1 weeks ago ... but i encountered some problem with send MMS & receive MMS ... I m DIGI user ... i had try go to DIGI service center setting up the GPRS and MMS. the DIGI operator had attempt send one MMS to her phone and it works pretty fine ... but when i back and try to send MMS to friend at home, it didn't works and display something msg like service not allowed. it really weird, right? And my singapore fren had sent one MMS to me ... but in my inbox it display a msg which asked me to to view MMS ... with provided a msg ID and password ... why view the MMS need go through wap? Any DIGI expert had idea on it? i would highly appreciate if anyone able to identify my problem .. thanks ya !!!

  • Ace

how can we update this phone software??

  • wazzzap

it has a very serious problem after using the phone for couple of weeks the blue tooth freezes the phone (no cure)

  • Dan

this phone is amazing!!!! mp3 great!!!

  • Jefferson

This phone not bad.. but i wondering K700i is better than this...
i am confuse with this..

  • jonathan

hi im one of the avid fun of SE k700i since its my one my dream phone i havent that phone is there anybody there whjo can sell his or her phone at a low price
i just want to have that phone, i have read all the specification of the phone and the features are so great i wish i cud have that model since im very fanatic with that model as soon as possible im trying my best to have that
thats all the features ive been looking for a phone
can i use the camera without the flash is there a standard portrait or even the night mode of the phone camera
thanks a lot

  • Anonymous

advice K700 or E398?

  • Steve

Actually, disregard the question below about the mp3 ringtone... ive just read and apparently you can.

can the mp3s be full length songs?
typically how many fit on the phone?

How good is the loudspeaker for playing mp3s in comparison to say the nokia 6230?

How easy is it to upload mp3s/pics from pc?

  • Steve

Hi, got a few questions...
Can you set your ringtone to a mp3 you have uploaded to the phone?

And can the mp3s be full length songs?
typically how many fit on the phone?

How good is the loudspeaker for playing mp3s in comparison to say the nokia 6230?