Sony Ericsson K700

Sony Ericsson K700

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  • Dave

okay so can someone who has actually bought this phone clarify that you can use mp3's as ringtones or not?

  • asr

those who think 41mb is not enough for your mp3 listening, go get an IPOD.

  • Anonymous

some people just likes to spout nonsense without proof

  • Anonymous

Who the hell said k800 is coming out in Feb 05?? Where's the proof and evidence???!!! It's just like the Nokia 6230i rumours!!! So brainless!!!

  • Leigh

Let me guess next you will be telling us to wait till 2006 to get Longhorn!

  • Leigh

Why wait for Q1/Q2 to get a K800? Sharp will announce the GX 40 in Q4. And we all know what that means. 2 megapixel, optical zoom, 512mb/1 GB SD or Mini SD, proper Bluetooth support, Symbian OS?. And we all know Sharp has a 2.2/2.4inch VGA (yes 640x480 resolution)cgs screen waiting in the wings. And even if they use the screen from the GX 30 its still so far ahead of anything from Sonyericsson, nokia etc why would you want to go there. Apart from Vodaphone that is! If only we could take the Sony out of the Sonyericsson we might get somewhere again!

  • julie

pls inform me about this mob people u have it coz im about to buy it but u keep talking about some problems it has. PLS HELP ME! What should i do?

  • Anonymous

people k 800 is coming...........
mmc card slot
1.3 mp camera
256k colors
wait till feb 2005...........

  • SAFE

Can you help? im gonna get this phone but im not sure which network to get. which one's the best for pay as you go?thanking you in advance for any help you can give

  • corey

crazyyy 41mb can store over 600 photos. what are u bitching about? its not enough to store many mp3's but who gives a fuck? go buy a proper mp3 player

  • Anonymous

nice design. since i bought it 2 days ago it doesn't bring any probs yet and i'm happy to have it but maybe if its memory can be a bit larger or with memory card like other phones it will be greater

  • crazyyy

look y'all....motorola e398 is so much better.its cheaper and has a memory card.nowdays every hp has a memory card...and this SE hp doesn't have one.waste!! only 41 mb??not enough man..

  • the saint

I own a K700i which I bought a month ago. I'm pleased with it. Good sound, enough memory, loads of features (for non-smartphone category..). Well, I'm looking forward to buying maybe an improved version of K700 (perhaps K800?)- with added features such as 2.0 mp camera, 64 polyphonic sound, larger phonebook capacity, etc. Come on SE! Make it happen!

  • viv

do alot of you have to upgrade the software??? once or many times??
please help!!! thank you!!!

  • Selmor

The K700 is a sure winner. Yeah, the initial batches had quite a few bugs, but with the recent Firmware upgrades, it is certainly on top. This is a wonderful phone! Nothing else in it's class beats it, only comes close (a la the Motorola E398).

  • Leigh

I had this phone for about one week. The battery life is awful, It has no longer than 1 hour talk time at best. The phone constantly resets itself if you use too much of its built in memory to store mp3s or photos. The battery cover on the back starts to work itself loose after a few days. The firmware has loads of bugs. Surely Sonyericsson can produce a product that is tested before it is released. I have owned
lots of Ericsson and Sonyericsson phones (T28 world,R520m, T68, T610, P900) This is definately the worst product to date. Hope fully the S700i will not let us down. Go buy an Sharp gx32 it is a far better phone apart from its limited bluetooth capabilities but thats another story!

  • Stephen Hammond

This phone is available at 25/ month contract other than that free.

  • kel

to Wil,
thanx for correcting me...
im a industrial designer, mobilephones are one of the product that our company is doing. that's y it is necessary for designer like us to always look around and research on the latest product & their design.
i admit that k700 & E398 has nearly the same features, but in-term of design, for a desginer point of view, not to say im supporting which brand, i still think that K700 has a better and more attracting outlook than E398, so, it depends on "hi"'s interest, if his/her interest are more on outlook, then for sure i will recomment K700, but if is for real sound quality, then he/she shud go for E398 already.
to be frank, im not a supporter of Nokia. i admit they are coming out with some nice design & features' new phones like 7610, 6630, 6260, 3220.. but wat i can see from them is tat they r always increasing the price of their phones, which for me, i think its...

  • alija

Look,I tell ya , moto E 398 Is much better!! The mp3 can be a ringtone and the sound is better as on K700!Only good on this phone is the intarnal memory and Mp camera!The perfect phone is the mPX100 from moto but its canclled,so the co perfect phone whith extra design is Moto E398 ,With nice price! :-)

  • mario

I bought K700i yesterday. Today it began to reset it self. I did not manage to finish even one phone conversation. I made warranty clame, but I do not belive, that the problem will be solved with a software reload, as they told me will be done. I am very angry at the moment.