Sony Ericsson K700

Sony Ericsson K700

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  • k700

nokia are hanging on just, 6230 will sell a shit load, but k700 will pick up where t610 left. se will be bigger than nokia soon

  • Eric

When is the K700 going to be officially released, can u give me a month date

  • Klaas.


It's true................that SE release only the K700 and the S700 this year.

Nokia has far more budget than SE,that's why Nokia release more phone's than SE.

Where sells the 6230 like hot cake's? I see no persoon has a 6230 not yet,only T610,T630 and some Siemens phone's but not the 6230.

  • Devil

If Sony Ericsson are only relying on K700, S700, and MAYBE P1010/P920, this is gonna be funny :) Nokia already has a communicator in line for 2004, the 7610, the 6230 are selling like hot bread, and wait till you see the 6840. (code name for fusion of 6820 and 6230) :)

  • k@ny

looks cool .. wonder when is it release in asia?

  • Klaas.

Devil Wrote

"Wait for the T650 in Q3... It will have MSDuo, and a megapixel camera. I wont be getting this K700, I truely think it is oriented to the young. Contrarely to the T series"

There come no T650 in Q3,it's not even present and you talking about the T650.

No hard feelings but you are very wrong about it,only the K700,S700 and mebay the P9x0 come this year.

Greetings from Klaas.

  • Devil

Unknown, how about 32MB shared memory, integrated light for camera, video recorder and a better finiton than T630...

  • king

i think its cool, will love to buy when it comes out

  • tejash

hi.. k700 is the best mobil i have seen>>i would sourly bye it.

  • Anonymous

other than the TFT lcd and better camera, T610 and T630 are the same

  • brandon

i prefer to use Sonyericsson as the features are fantastic...they are very generous in offering attributes not as stingy as Nokia...Sony Ericsson offers very detail phone and very close to the users desire...i continue support Sony Ericsson and willing to update myself to any other SE phone without having more interest looking other brand.

  • Giant Ray

how mch minutes does it can pic?

  • Devil

S700, I dont really like either, you cant use it with only one hand, and that's kinda important for me. Besides, the design is really ugly.....

  • k700

tru that i will be getting the t650, sounds very good but at the mo ma t610 is gettin old nd tired, had it a year, i work for 02 nd its coming out with them in a couple of wks so am jus gna get da k700 for a while. s700? personally wouldnt be arsed with swivellin it all da time, plus id get drunk nd brake it within a week.

  • DMX

THe K700 is a 'youth' oriented phone.. and it's goign to be the guinie pig... and the T650 is the more 'business' oriented...

Just fill in the gap here and there and you can guess that the k700 is NOT the T610 replacement =)... but more like the T630...

But all I'm saying about the T650 is only rumours from various sources... and has a chance of happening and not.... as for me... S700 =D

  • Devil

All sort of places. Uh, I think you should just wait for the T650. Or get a Motorola E398 when it comes out. That thing sure slaps the K700 on the floor :P

  • want k700

how do u guys (dmx + devil) find this info out on these phones, thinkin ov gettin da k700 in a few weeks, then the t650 when dat cums out.

  • DMX

Hehe.. tell me about it =)... they seriously look nice... but I'm eyeing for the S700 man... that's my baby... a 'smartphone os' is not a priority for me... so s700 would do well... but i'll have a look a the moto =)...

  • Devil

By the way DMX man, have you checked out Motorola's lineup for this year?! Damn, that thing promises... I got my eye on MPx100, MPx220, and A1000 ! Really good phones...

  • DMX

Devil, if you're taking abut the 'T650', then of course that is a better choice =)... But i'm eying for the S700. While the K700 is a good phone, you are right, it is for the young.

For those out there don't know what the T650 is, the K700's design (internally) has a space which seems liek a slot of a Memory Stick Duo which suggests that there will be another phone based on that hardware with an expandable memory.