Sony Ericsson K700

Sony Ericsson K700

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  • Anonymous

This phone looks really cool and has nice functions! I want it!!!

  • DMX


have you seen the T630 in real life before?... I though the T630 was ugly (keypad).. but its actually quiet nice indeed.. but haven't played with one yet.. only see it at the shop...

But keypad light could be too bright and would be distracting..

  • Usman

wow it looks kewl check this out

  • Espinosa

I don't know if it's aimed at us... But it really got all my attention.. And intentions to buy the 6230... And the S700 too... But just waiting to see if they're going to release an Americas version...Otherwise, I'll just be dreaming of getting them...

  • Louis

this is simply the phone of my dreams

  • Anonymous

is this fone aimed at teenagers?

  • Anonymous

The only thing it lacks, is ram expansion slot. And without that the mp3 player is no good... To bad, would have been a worthy competitor to Nokia 6230:-(

  • Dr_T610

If you guys want to know more....go to and go to cebit2004 link(I really want to buy the S700,SO COOL)

  • Anonymous

the design...............................
its bothering me.........................

  • jennn

will be available in 2Q 2004 instead of 1Q 2004,well...i am waiting forsony ericsson S700 instead of this.

  • anonymous

Why the disply of all SE phones look the same even if they have 12 bit or 26 bit or higher colours. Soft color scheme cant see what is on the screen

  • Monalika

please tell me whats usb port and MPEG player y its missing in it ??

whats - 3D audio, MP3 ringtones ??

does this fone has organiser ???

does this fone has the abiity to download ringtones, wall papers and screen savers ??????

  • Monalika

please tell me whats usb port and y its missing in it ??

does this fone has organiser ???

does this fone has the abiity to download ringtones, wall papers and screen savers ??????

  • Anonymous

quick share is a company what has joind with sony ericsson to improve phone producing

  • Arun

I was thinking of purchasing the nokia 6230 on its release, but now that sony ericsson has brought down a tough competition before nokia. The only drawback of the k700 is the keypad layout.

  • Zoran

I was planning on buying Siemens SX1 but now that this phone came out (which is almost same in features as the SX1 only in smaller package), I dont know what to do. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Bogdan

The New World Order has begun !

  • johjys

i thnk that's thje best phone.only the quality of the keyboard dissapoint me a seems to be like t630!!i am not i guess

  • Anonymous

And a FM radio ! Well done, to fight the Nokia 6230.

  • Anonymous

yh but this is a different fone from that...which is MASSIVE! good maybe, but it is big and heavy, and this is only 90g! small, cute, got everythin includin flash!...when will it be in UK?