Sony Ericsson K700

Sony Ericsson K700

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  • Kire

I have my SE K700i for a year now but the problem now is the JOYSTICK of which does not function so well, it does not move to the next features....

Anyone can advice? or do I need to replace the joystick?

  • rht

Sony Ericsson K700i supports DCU-15, go buy NOW,It would be better if SE launches the same features of K700i with thinner body, EDGE and image/video lock

  • Anonymous

hi guyz

got an SE k700i yesteday....but though i can transfer photos taken in the mob and view them on my system but after transfering clip from the mob i am not able to play it in the media player or real player....can any one plz let me know what i neeed to install to view a clip from mob in my sys...

  • Anonymous

hey i fitted a new housing onto my k700i and now when i make or receive phone calls the person on the other line cant hear me does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Shin Chan

there is K700i n K700c...

  • Anonymous

what the difference betwen k700 and k700i

  • Anonymous

hi all....its a great phone wil perfect mp3 player beetter than 6600 whichis v.bad
faster then it ...have better display ...

  • EbE

Hi SE friends, is it possible updating the firmware with BLUETOOTH USB Dongle, if so what softwares do i need. please do help me in this regard

  • debnath

mp3-1)load mp3 with infrared/bluetooth
2)select the song
3)open "More"
4)click "use"
5)click "set as ringtone"

  • saju

I purchased k700i last week from Vodafone its very kool but my problem is that i cant set any mp3 file as ring tone or alarm can any user tell me how is it prossible...

  • KL Wong

is friendly user but has a problem, it's easily "Hang"(like computer Hang) when writing sms, I hv to remove and place back the battery to restart(ON). And sometime it's just switch "OFF" itself, can be restart by just press the ON/OFF button. And it seem that not on this model my relative others Model too. Why it only happen in SonnyEricsson Phone? My old, other Brand HPs without this problem.

  • Eyal

Great phone,of course made by Sony Ericsson.

  • Sakthivel Elangovan

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have purchased K700i(MADE IN CHINA) Sony Ericsson in Singapore on 01/01/2006,now I the present status of the mobile is totally dead.It Has been checked with HWK new version software,

shows pre-boot ok,
but I am unable to install MCU flash when I tried to install from the another same K700i mobile (IMEI 35401200-264825-8-11-made in HONGKONG)software

I hope that you will respond possitively.

Thjank You,
Sakthivel Elangovan Ph:91-9444060084

  • mabel

i would like to know wats the difference between k700 n k700i..i've been looking for the right phone n i guess this phone caught me the most..n does it has a usb port? can we d/l music to our phones?

  • lucy michaels

I must confess,thi is a good phone in did.But my problem with the phone now is how to download sound and wallpaper to my phone.Pls i will be looking forward to hearing from you sonnest.Thanks

  • s

if u are having problems sending files from phone to PC, it's most likey due to incorrect port settings (ie. didn't open or opened wrong port)

  • Femi

Pls am finding it very diffiult to download sound to my phone even after intalling the sound editor on my PC.i'd tried it several times via infra way.

  • Okey

Pls how can i tranfer images/data from my phone to my computer?I am only able to tranfer from computer to phone.

  • rajhans

can we enhance 41MB to any other higher?

  • daryl

evry phone in this price range sucks besides the k700i