Sony Ericsson K700

Sony Ericsson K700

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  • markus

know ur fone and u will get the very best out of it.

  • Arsalan

hi,every one i have to know some thing if any one told me i m really thank ful to him okeiz now my ques. is that how to check the firmware or software version of this fone.

  • Cena

YES! And it create an annoying sound when u take a photo.. U cant mute it even if u set the fone to silent.. A very bad fone..

  • Becky

Im really worried the camera quality really bad??

  • debajyoti barman(ind

this the most sexiest cell phone, I have ever used,k700i having all the features except EDGE, but if only the sreeen size is small with compare 2 Nokia-3230,6600,7610.....etc, but as whole this k700i is a most fabulous within it's cost.I love my K700i.

  • Anonymous

YES! becky 50 is a bargain get it!

  • shon

this is a very good phone but a camera have 0.3 mp

  • Solja

jus addin on to Cutie's post aabout the diff between k700 and k750...k750 also has the most amazing camera.

  • Becky

I have been offered this phone for 50 pounds. Is it worth it?

  • Cutie

Y r u all on each other's throats about the phone? The request is to simple post your opinion and not to attack the next person's opinion.

This is a great and afffordable phone. I will recommend this phone to anybody. The K750i is similar for people who've got a lot of money. The only difference between the two is that the K750i has a memory stick.

  • Matthew

"Heather Jackson's Bf" The phone does have a mega pixel camera 0.3 mega pixel (not something tobrag about)! :)

  • Matthew

Joshua you shouldn't gve away your serial number and secondly if that keeps happening then the phone is faulty...get it checked out...

  • Cena

Oh and as for u.. Matthew.. :> U use the same phrase all over again at this posts... How many ppl Matthew, knew bout the so-called USB cable to transfer data between the K700i and their pc? Not many isn't it? And its not provided with the set ppl buy so they believed it doesn't exists.. Cmon be open-minded in things.. And btw, u say that u use an mp3 compressor.. So tell me Matthew, what is the name of the program if that is true? I don't like posting crap but i really have to tell ya all.. This fone is crap.. Crap to talk about.. And i feel sorry for ppl that admires it.. Using a Usb port? That consumes battery power.. Having a hard time to pick your fav mp3 as storage space is limited.. PPl will have a hard time with this so-called great fone Matthew says.. And a camera digital zoom that lies as you need to lower the pixels to use it.. What a lie..

  • Heather Jackson's Bf

it does not have a megapixel camera < heather in work said that it did

  • Arshad

I would not recommend to buy this phone. Although it is good in design, and feature, but what if you can't use it. The phone hang frequently. Although many people claim that it works well, but there are many sets out in the market which has this hanging problem and ultimately is a trouble for the buyer. It is particularly a problem when set is bought from a poor service suplier like Mobile Zone MZ (the biggest retailer) in Pakistan.

I reported the problem to MZ three times and each time they returned the set that problem is now fixed, but issue was still there, and ultmately I had to return the set.

  • Matthew

And as for you Ben, we all no who the real fool is...but i do not need to shame you, either way the 41mb memory let me correct you) maybe limited but it still is decent sized, and many people can live with it, the camera isn't as bad as you described it the quality may nto be all that but its not GRAINY or LOW, also tell me what phone (excuding symbian featured phones) that has a really good high qualty zoom? Oh yeh none! So how is that a problem?
Last but not least, whats Libi got to do with it? Let Libi talk about what they want you are jsut attacking them because of their likeness over this phone...mate get a life it seems you've been sucked into something that even confuses yourself!

  • Matthew

Oh & Cena about the USB Port it dosen't exist in those cheap unnofficial shops you seem to live around but i have seen it in The Craphone Warehouse, Phones 4 u, The Link and you can even get it online at ebay or ebuyer, anyway enough about that, for those looking to get this phone i give it 9/10 the only bad thing is the limieted space but 41mb is still good enough if you know how to use a phone properly...

  • Matthew

Cena i don't think you listen properly...I have an Mp3 file compressor (if you don't understand) which means i can lower the size & quality of the Mp3's therfore i can fit up to 20, now i nknow you are angry and jelous that i can do this but please make sense if you are going to argue back, Sony Ericsson will soon be the best branded phone'll see and what phone do you have anyway?

Lastly it's true peopel should be getting the K750i other than this but for now it's to expensive for most so make sense next time, and since this phone has good ratings and has the right features it's good for most people (not you of course), also whats wrong with limted space, if this is someones first major phone? Everytime a new song comes out jsut delete the old one to make space, and video recording does not take up much space...well not mine and im sure pothers will agree!

  • Replayee

Firstly cena do not pay out the k700 as its better than any punk-ass phone u have. Secondly kallie for everything related to mms go to the website of your provider. There you should be able to send the mms configurations to your phone again.

  • Cena

Hussam and to other who wants to buy this so-called great fone, why do u have to buy a fone with a limited 41mb memory?? 20 songs?? Plz don't post things which never happen.. U can only fit bout 7 or 8 songs.. This is as video recording which matthew say is unlimited, it consumes lots of the fone memory.. In the end, u got no space for the mp3.. I used this fone and its very very inconvenient.. Sony is like showing good looks in their fones and provide u thrash with their features.. Go for other fone models.. U will not regret it.. Dont be a loser with this fone.. It is only good for showing to ppl only.. Trust me and u all will be a success person! Oh btw, the usb port doesn't even exist in most shops.. So thumbs down for this fone.. Get a K750i!