Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • DRC

HLANGL, 08 Oct 2019Still using my K750i in October 2019, having purchased it way ba... moreBro , whr did u bought that phone , im looking for one too , help me pls 😀

HLANGL, 08 Oct 2019Still using this in Oct 2019, having purchased it in July 2016!.... moreWish I can see a site to buy this phone... Mine got stolen 2012 back then... Really missed this portable phone


Still using my K750i in October 2019, having purchased it way back in July 2006. The camera is 2.0 megapixels when it come to the resolution, stood well above its competitors/contemporaries in that era given its overall functionality/performance/quality. Still remains impressive though, even after 13+ years of use. It had been almost 450 USD back then in 2005/2006, had been really worth to say the least.


Still using this in Oct 2019, having purchased it in July 2016!. The camera is 2.0 megapixels, but its *overall* functionality still stands out despite being 13+ years old now....

  • Bobo

Still using it in 2019

  • virggomusic

I had this phone and can rate him very well.
After I had as well K800 and it was best phone I have seen before smartphone era.

  • Giri

sandesh, 25 Aug 2017i read u r comment ,i am about to buy old ones, w995 what about... moreThis is defenately better than walkman series phones that came during that time. I have this phone even now, but not in working condition. If you use the original sony walkman series earphone, u will get that extra punchy bass.

Besides, you can also install W810 OS in this by completely wiping out.

  • drason

I used this one, I use the iPhone 1 now, but having 2 megapixels was like magic back in the day.

  • sandesh

AnonD-331256, 15 Nov 2014Got my Mum's k750i back in 2009 after she switched to a 'smart p... morei read u r comment ,i am about to buy old ones, w995 what about this set . is this got same mega bass walkman( this phone got a 3.5mm jack , 16gb expendable memory) or better to buy u mentioned sets like w810i , k750, w900 .kindly reply me tnx

  • AnonD-650606

me also using it and works 100% ;)

  • tito

Still using it in 2017

  • Neptune

Have had since 2005 and still using as my main phone till today.
Only the camera does not work anymore for a few years and sometimes some of the buttons are unresponsive, BUT I must add that the phone falls a few times a day virtually everyday since 2005 and still going strong! Never had it repaired yet. Just wish I had gotten 2 so that when this one finally gives in, I could just use the other one! GO Sony Ericsson!!

  • paola

Still useing it in 2017, charging every 4-5 days, I'm staying with it till the end. :)

  • SA Joa

Great phone....still am using since 2007 with good condition..I keeping very safely ...One of the best in all mobile . Thanks to Sony Ericsson..

  • Anonymous

My dad got it for me(thanks dad), and I would say it's one of the best phone in the world! best of the bests! I lost it unfortunately(broke my heart very bad). But if sony makes it again, I will get one indeed. Still remember the tennis game... very awesome phone. Thanks.

  • Peppy Beach Matt

After my iphone died recently I went back to this phone as a stop-gap. It still works great and was way ahead of its time in 2006 (?). Well done Sony.

  • AnonD-597046

I still have this phone & it still works well. The camera was the best in its era. The sound quality of the music player is very good, even when compared to the phones in this era.
Now I have Sony M4 Aqua, but I still keep the K750i.

  • AnonD-592527

i still have this phone a new and work like a sharm with loud speaker and lights button such as the camera button :)

  • Tonoy

still now i love this phone.........this is the best phone...

  • AnonD-8044

s.e. 4ever, 30 May 2016Yes and still using this at this year...together w/ my w810, Th... moreThem are the best days, todays smartfone boring slabs.