Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • AnonD-597046

I still have this phone & it still works well. The camera was the best in its era. The sound quality of the music player is very good, even when compared to the phones in this era.
Now I have Sony M4 Aqua, but I still keep the K750i.

  • AnonD-592527

i still have this phone a new and work like a sharm with loud speaker and lights button such as the camera button :)

  • Tonoy

still now i love this phone.........this is the best phone...

  • AnonD-8044

s.e. 4ever, 30 May 2016Yes and still using this at this year...together w/ my w810, Th... moreThem are the best days, todays smartfone boring slabs.

  • AnonD-557556

My first phone...
I loved it...

  • AnonD-555348

I miss it...

  • AnonD-555348

my first loved phone... sony in gold times...

  • AnonD-552165

It was a great phone. I had one too.

  • Anonymous

my first phone

  • s.e. 4ever

Yes and still using this at this year...together w/ my w810,
They had both SUPERB 'megabass' quality,that no ever walkman has to produce,,
Im using it as my mp3 player and their sound is far far superior than ipods or other android phone today even with 3rd party apps bass enchancement,
It cannot match with these walkmans MEGABASS!

Using my hpm 82 adapter, and mdr ex700sl as my in-ear phone..
Im lucky and proud to known and to have this at this time,,
Its sound has amazingly unimaginable PUNCH OF BASS!
I can say this is THE BEST SOUND QUALITY in the world!
No mp3 or equalizer can surpass this ,even clear bass of sony by itself
,their latest walkman player,HD sound,latest ipod or beats on htc...

MEGABASS of that old walkman from sony ericsson(W900,K750,W800,W810,W700,W710) are the true essence and quality of a sound/music !
I only had now and using my k750i/W800i and W810i.. And im lucky theyre still alive using today..
ill take care of this til d end of time :)
Coz nothing like this now that u can find..even the sound of it...

  • VIRT

Great phone. My brother bought it in december 2006, twoo years later he gave it to me as a gift. I was using K750 (here in Croatia it is named K750i), till 30. july 2014, then I bought new smartphone and my K750 was retired till 28. march 2016. when smartphone was broken. I'm using my old K750 right now and battery can endure more than 1 hour of speaking although screen is on during whole conversation (maybe it's possible to adjust screen to turn off while talking, but I don't know how). And it's original battery, came with new phone but during 20 months of retirement I was putting phone on charging every 3-4 months. Awesome device!

  • AnonD-509133

Yf_creative_studio, 21 Feb 2016Excelent mobile phone, i used since 2004 - 2016 = 11 years wow a... morehow can you buy it in 2004 when it was released in 2005??

  • Yf_creative_studio

Excelent mobile phone, i used since 2004 - 2016 = 11 years wow awsome quality.....

  • kabir khan

My first phone, my memory, when I brought it I took some pictures, when I moved those pic to computer it make me.....o very interesting. Musik was super

  • Anonymous

10 years and still works like back then, when it came out from da box!!! Cant touch this.

  • runswithscissors

My first phone. I've used it for 9 years and 2 months.

I think it's time to get a new one today.

But only because some of the buttons have become unresponsive or fallen off over the time, never mind the battery cover which I lost years ago and I've held the battery in place with duct tape. The original battery is almost out now.

Granted, I never took any special care of it, it has fallen on the ground, been on me when I got caught in a rain storm, hail storm, snow storm. Still works.


Anonymous, 26 Jul 2015Zabarpel Phone tha yaar real me, I missed K750i very much.YES, but I use him and NOW

  • 9976075606

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2015Zabarpel Phone tha yaar real me, I missed K750i very faverate mob$

  • Anonymous

Zabarpel Phone tha yaar real me, I missed K750i very much.

  • AnonD-421471

This was the first camera phone I ever used!

My father bought this mobile in 2005 for 8k and in 2005 you could actually brag to your friends about having a camera phone.. haha what fun it was.

The phone was really durable and lasted for over 5 years until I broke open it.