Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • Anonymous

i using the k750i now, my first SE phone n i LOVE it !!! now thinking of upgrading to k800i cos or the bigger wording but do not know how good is k800i. Should i upgrade? please advice

  • S0nY_R0CkS

This phone is like 1 of the best phones i ever had i sold my nokia n70 to get this phone and it has really impressed me


  • sony

its the best phone it has 2 megapixel and infraed and bluetooth...........

  • from Estonia

max memory for k750i is 2GB

  • Step

i just brought this phone yesterday.. n i found that whenever i capture a pic... it will appear yellow colour in the pic...
anybody knows hw 2 counter it pls email me, thx..
sry, i kw that my english sux..

  • ken

thanks diddy

  • Anonymous

pls somebody tell me, what is the maximum memory for this celphone?

  • burning_love18@yahoo

One of the best phone in its category.
Good Display.
Great Camera.
Earphone sound quality is just like an ipod.

Not so loud.
Display too small.

  • Rob

BTW, be careful of fake sony duo pro memory sticks. I went to a store and tried out 1gb and 512mb cards and none of them work and even caused my phone to hang.

To those who say their phone wont work with higher capacity cards, it could be that the cards you got were fake!

  • kashif

hi there
a great fone definately i mean the sound is amazing but one thing that really shocked me was its MEGA BASS terrific.i`ve no words 4 that love that fone.
the real problem is the battery use it 4 two 2 three hours & there u go its half the way down.....
overall amazing love it.

  • vinay

can we use walkman headphones for k750i

  • mike

great phone overall. a phone like this is worth 250 USD. My favorite and one of the best i've had in a while.

  • Danny H

Sorry Beckie the bluetooth is the 5th thing along on your settings, u press right 4 times on the joystick!

  • Danny H

Gr8 fone, had it 4 about 8 months now and had no problems with it, its lookin a bit worse 4 wear cin as iv dropped it so many times, still wrks perfectly tho! Beckie go on to your settings on your main menu, then press your joystick right 5 times and thats where your bluetooth and infa red settings are the port 4 the infa red is the black bit on top of the phone next to the on button.

  • farid

i bought this phone and within 1 week the bluetooth malfunction. whenever i turned the bluetooth it will keep restarting itself.
The phone also freezes and need to take out and put back the battery, cannot rectify by just turn it off because it just wont do anything when freeze. Sent to their warranty but still couldnt solve the problem, until now almost 1 month my phone in repair by their service center! =(

  • Rob

love this phone but have questions..

when try to edit video that ive taken with the phone it says "video format not supported.." what the..?? video was taken by the phone then it doesnt support it???

In the game "puzzle slider" i cant use any of my camera pictures

when i zoom in during picure playback and try to save a picture i cant save it.

during video playback, the option to view fullscreen is sometimes not available.

theres more..

  • mai

I was impressed with everything about it until I tried to make phone calls. The reception on this phone is terrible. This is based on the fact that I could barely make calls in my house. While my old T237 had absolutely no problem. Looks Great, and sounds great, just bad reception, which is what a phone is all about: making and receiving phone calls. (Vancouver, Canada)

  • swolg

to beckie:
there is no difference between the k750 and the k750i jope that helps u

  • optional;

I hav used for 6mths with 2gb, so far so good.

  • -=MaKaVeLi=-

yes. It charges very fast. Also, battery auto-charges if u noticed it. Can't wait for my k750i to come back from OrangeRO service :)