Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • R0bYtzZ

i bought this phone today ..and it's great..the sound is very very good and loud...the camera is perfect it's like the video camera ..and the zoom goes slowly's a great's perf ...teh display is very very good ..the colors.. everything; i hope you will buy it ..cause is great....

  • Smith

HI htere.I heard that my fren say thatjoystick of k750i very easy to spoilt.And i duno whethere is true or false.Can anyone help me

  • sidhartha

Thnks 4 ur responce. Achully now im planning to get rid of w550i bcos when ever i see this fone ther is always wod or white screen complient.But my w550i havent got anything like tat.The only bad ting of w550i i tht its camera is soo poor. It is yelloish in nature. nokia 3230 and 6630 r 1.3 mp camera but tey r far good than w550's 1.3 mp(i dont know why!!!)
headset and outside speakers sound is very good in w550i but the camera pics is very very bad.u will fed up or get bored with the speaker sound soon. So i am going for k750i.It has good speaker and fantastic headset sound and a marvellous camera and fm radio..(Nokia 3230 and 6630 lacks speaker sound)

  • malhansachit

hi siddhartha
before i had w550i
good sounds but bad pics all yellow
and even after having a flash built in it
i got not so fast pics and all blurred

but not the case with k750i
it is equipped with dual flash
ie two leds if one fails still u have one more
plus pics are really nicely focussed due to autofocus
and sound is just great
good bass and wide too clearity little les than ipod but bass is more than ipod specially megabass and afterall it is a sony

message is less just 200 even afte firmware update
rest go to sites like and get all required softwares for the fone ther
hope it was useful

  • sidhartha

hai guys can anyone please tell me abt the camera of k750??? is it exactly like w800??? i am using w550 now, is the camera of k750 good than w550??? pls reply...

  • jamie

well i am looking to buy this phone but i heard a problem about this phone about the camera. i also heard that this phone gives problem regarding picture quality this is the reason when it was launched in INDIA its cost was RS. 27000 in indian currency but now its cost is only RS. 8500 you can see how unpopular this phone is.

  • malharpatel

i have perchase this soney 750ki but playnow options can not use , so how to use this in mobile playnow,& i have use in this mobile 1 GB card.

  • mart

hi, does anyone know how many sms' this phone can store? 200 i hope? thanks

  • tharanga

i bought se k750i brandnew phone 2 weeks ago in dubai
but i have a problem in it.
the 4x digital zoom is not working the full size image 1632*1224 when i use the camera.when i pressed the zoom button it displayed "zoom is not available when large picture size is selected".only the 2.5x zoom is working the medium size pictures.only the 4x zoom is working the vedios.but my friends phone have that 4x zoom in taking photos and also in vedios.

  • munir

i'm MUNIR, Salatiga Indonesia. this handphone very amazing. the features complete and the camera with auto focus make me very fun

  • Heaven

I bought this phone 2 weeks ago and it works like a charm.

  • whiskeyinthejar

I don't seem to encounter any major pain in the ass like some had here, apart from the dodgy joystick feel after a year(that's a given, standard k750 problem. Maybe I should wait another year. Brilliant so far.

  • gygy

somebody has the same problem??:..the battery cover make some interesting noise if you push when you work whit the phone...,maibe the plasick covers are a little too soft...Please tell me if yoau have the same experience

  • christo

does package sek750 come with Sony Ericsson DCU-60 USB Data cable or we have to get a new one,, i have one given with phone but want to know if i can update firmware with it

  • david

to get better sound out the speaker go into the player and put the equalizer up on all bits and the sound is gd

  • alpha

i am back and still am enjoying a good product by sony , jus dat the sms storage is kind of low .
i read an article on the net on how to increase the sms storage to 4000 , but i am a litle confused on weather i should carry on with the modification or not
if any 1 of u have done it successfully then please let me knw :-}

  • man

how is sound is wakitoki or normal

  • synergy

to Walid:
there is only one source of problem if you're getting that message:
underneath the camera slider, there is a small switch or latch and on the phone itself (just beneath your camera lens). these latches are connected to one another once you put the back cover and everytime you open the camera cover, the cover latch must hit the other latch. try testing the camera without the cover so that you'll be able to see how these latches should be connected (to which direction it should be facing). sorry it i'm having trouble explaining this to you. i hope you get the idea. good luck.

  • Roy

Hi, i have had the Sony K750i for over 2yrs and have never had a problem with it. I do keep mine in a leather case and it still looks like new. Battery life is great i get about three days out of it. I am that impressed with this phone i have just upgraded to the Sony K800i, just hope this is as good as the K750i. Let you know later.

  • andrey

hy!!i want to know(for who has the phone for long time) how is the body!!i heard that is made of cheap plastic and it moves!!and whow is the display??thx