Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • RD

I bought K750i, about 6 months back. It has great functions, picture, music qualities. But some days back I m facing a problem, it fails to ring, alarm, play music etc. Also in this situation,if u scroll down in contacts, the contact is not visible which is for selection. pls help to solve this.

  • Good_boy92

Yes you can get a new front cover if you are going to phone centers. tell them about this.
I think that you can do this:).

  • waseem

hi frenz i m a proud owner of k750.i think its d cheapest handset wid al major functions especially a 2mp camera.its sound quality is also very one mention about its activity menu.its very useful.i can even minimise my opera mini browser using dat key.its dedicated music button is also useful.any1 who lik 2 tel me their views pls email me at

  • JS............

i've heard tht aftr droppin this fone once or twice, it doesn't wrk normally aftr tht... is that true??? tht seems to be d only thing tht's worryin me rit nw abt this fone... and also does it go slow after dwnloadin a lotta muzic into it?????

plz do reply....

  • Mildred

pls am a new user i can find my manual i want a new manual can u send it through my mail. thanks soo much.

  • ananda

Hi!i have a K750i.I took a pic with the phone but on a smaller size.After the pic is taken,is it possible to resize the pic?

  • George

Look people.........before buying a phone, see what u want in ur phone and ur budget...all i wanted in my phone was an mp3 player, a 2mp cam, and ofcourse a phone with gprs....means i needed something with mem expandability as well as good connectivity ( bluetooth,IR and usb,gprs).....this phone suits all my needs and its only 10k in india and i am very much happy with its functions....for those who want to install applications...go for nokia symbian phones as (se symbian phones are costly,but really good) as it can support many applications....
and there is no point in comparing a symbian phone and a java phone....means n70 and sek750i cannot be compared together.....but k750i,6233 and 3250 can be compared....and i am really happy to say overall k750i is the best....even considering the fact that this phone was released 1 yr earlier than the other 2....3250 has a good speaker, but cam is not good and does not have flash....and 6233...heard its ok....but still the cam of se is the best....afterall sony is known for its walkmans, tv's, cams etc whereas nokia just makes the difference will show......

  • Brian

I love this phone its all in one. yes you can play 3gp on it also full screen... and it as a very loud system. any more question let me know. you can also convert it to a touch screen this phone is the best. Email me to learn more.

  • loda

Hello.. I bought that setk750.
when i take a picture .it make it a green picture.before take a picture its result is good but on saving it make it a green picture....pls tell me .. im so sad..
this is not a phone this is Ipod killer i own a ipod nano i ve tested both on same song and settings but k750i produces same sound as ipod nano then why burn money on ipod, on k750 u have superb 2megapix cam macro mode is just amazing flash is super strong

  • ken

eklypse, Xstreamer and all of you guys planning to get this phone...

Why would you want to waste your hard earned money on something would not last? Think carefully before you get this phone. I too once bashed these people who told me not to get this phone. They were right, it is a nightmare. And its not like SonyEricsson is doing any improvements on the newer K750's Even phones released couple months back still have this problem. Do not get this, its the only advice an extremely careful ex-owner can give.

  • bakhtawar

is it possible to extend its memory upto

  • Anonymous

well it's all good here but i have a little problem. I was taking a pic when the screen suddenly turned white. I restarted the phone, but it kept showing me a white sceen. The sounds and everything is fine, but i just can't see anything but white. Please reply if you have any suggestion about what i should do.

  • eklypse

is this phone better than the LG chocolate?
please answer this simple question.
i think this is the best phone a guy could ever want coz this is a smart phone + a walkman phone......
what more can a person want.

  • Xstreamer

Hey ppl I m plannin to buy this mobile soon.................. Can anyone tell me whether it can be used with a 2gb duo pro card........... Will there be any diff in performance

  • Kannu

I have owned this set for over a year and a half before someone stole it from far this is the MOTHER of ALL PHONES.... and da best money can buy..... try it and you all will fall in love wid it.

  • Anonymous

to be honest, i think the joystick in the middle is a little sensitive. the camera is great!

  • Daud Sadiq

my best friend talked me into buyin the k750i..use to get msgs middle a night by him just to convince me into gettin one..and IT WAS ALL WORTH value for money anyone cud ask for..its such a "butch" lookin cell supported by the world of features in it..outstanding picture quality...cudnt ask for more;)

  • anney

i hav used all, samsung, motorola.......but last month i switched over to dis SLEAK PHONE.....n my personal conclusion is SONY ERICSSON ROCKS!!! its better dan nokia in all respects!! as f ar as dis model is concerned....its abt camera, music,battery, talk time, memory.its amazing.......!! in dis price you wont a better phone!!! the keypad is a bit hard.. so is the joy stick...but u get used to it!!!! i simply luv it...n plan to keep it for at least a year:p

  • Anonymous

this phone is great,and its possible 2 flash it to w800i so you can enjoy the walkman player and flight mode as well,just a few clicks on the net and u can have both the beauty of the k750i and the features of the w800i

  • darps

Hi all, i've dropped my k750 several times and i want to get the new front cover. Is that possible? By the way, i've been using this beauty for quite long time and still runs smoothly! Welldone SE..