Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • consumer

Still one of the best phone in the world today... K750i

  • bigrock

im pretty sure that u can turn the sound all the way down to mute
so it should be fine(im not 100% sure though so ask others, but i think it can)


  • bigrock12

thx for all ur help people
based on wat u defently gettin k750


  • venkat

I require your opinion. I am using T610 now and want to move to this 750I. the big problem in T610 is that it has not got "mute" function. Specially when attending conference calls, it is a pain for me to move into a no noice area. Can anyone tel me whether 750I has the mute option?


  • ken

hi! i bought the k750i unit because of its sleek design and great features. the problem only is that i cannot configure some of its functions or features like the email, some features in the file manager and its settins especially whenever i use the internet services. can u give me some advice. it will be very helpful for me. thanks

  • zain

can n e one tell me what is the use of macro?

  • noj

the reason why se has a low reception of signal is that se fone has no HSCSD features meaning even thu or in a bad radio signal still you have a boost up signal

  • Dinesh


can someone tell me the back up time of SE K750i with music and without music. Is it true that initially its backup is very less and time by time it goes up?

- Dinesh

  • cezar

again , k750 is meant for you for sure,..

  • cezar


if you compare k750 and d500, d500 is lightyears far behind of k750, here are the reasons:

1,camera wise(k750i has the best camera until now 2mp autofocus,macro,zoom,2 led flash)d500 has only 1.3mp camera with only 1 flash LED and picture quality still inferior to s700 CCD camera

2,performance wise(k750i has 3d java engine for faster java speed and a lot of jsr supported in java so you can fully personalize the phone as you personalize a symbian 6.1 s60 phone)d500 has slow java and lower jsr versions...

3, memory wise(k750 has 38mb memory and 64mb card, a total of 102mb memory is acquired and is expandable to 2Gbytes,) d500 has only 96mb and is not expandable,..

4,screen wise(k750 is again better in sharpness but not the brightness i think k750 has a bit bigger screen than d500) all are same/similar except color depth which is noticeable...

5,multimedia wise(k750 bombs all multimedia phones: not walkman phones or rokr phones or tha alcatel s853 for having megabass sound, k750 has fm radio while d500 hasn't)

6,design wise(both phones have excellent design, in fact k750 is candybar/dual front phone and d500 is slider

those are six reasons why k750 is far ahead of d500, for me, D600 is a better competitor for k750 in terms of functions and features than d500,..

  • Dinesh


can someone tell me the back up time of SE K750i with music and without music. Is it true that initially its backup is very less and time by time it goes up?

- Dinesh

  • Anonymous

da sony ericsson k750i is 1 hek of a fone.lookin 4 a fone,,,look no further

  • lady in red

I have it for more than a year and still its the best. This is a phone with a long lifespan in terms of functionality. Right guys? =)

  • Mladen

Yes, you can play the songs in a shuffle play mode. WMA music format is not supported.

  • Anonymous

Just wondering i've post this on the forum but no one has given me a better response yet.. my i just recently got the k750i. how do i add mp3 files to my phone.. when i go to filemanager or my phone it says not connected i've tried downloading the usb driver and the pcsuite.. reinstalled and rebooted everything.. and did install the hardware too.. it detects the memory card but it says didnt function properly or cant be installed correctly.. something like that.

  • ardalan

it is very good phone(exellent) but if k750i have symbian or something like that its may hte best of all in the end special thaks for sonyericsson to make this phone

  • Sombra

Yes, random play of MP3 files is available. WMA format is unsupported.

  • Anonymous

What is the black diamond ??
new SE series ??
can someone tell me

  • Anonymous

Black Diamond series can be a great part of SE with 4 megapixel camera

  • mnazam

There's a program that can be used to tweak your phone, and even change the firmware to w800. basically k750 and w800 are identical, except for few functions. even the housings are interchangeable. best of all the program is free. I've tried few tweaks such as increasing play volume.if you noticed, ring volume much higher than media play volume, which I found unacceptable. you also can have bigger sms capacity, remove low battery sound etc. just visit this site. amazing program. you better try it yourself.­23260&start=0