Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • Mwase Danny

This k-series brand is just's camera is more than the specified 2MP & the sound is good.Been with it for 2 years no fault.

  • guyz

ello guyz gud day,

i need your help!!

when i got a call after a min it end and beep automatically...any solution for this?

  • Raka

Pressing it firmly helped for six months but even that stopped working later. Will go with the suggestion of having it repaired, let me visit a service center

  • sunny

Playboy Waqar, 06 Mar 2009hi there, if the picture is not saved then its a common software... moreno its not a software problem,its a hardware prob which is located in back cover called flex. that has to be change.

  • moiz

Raka, 24 Mar 2009My camera button is not working, any suggestions?press the button tightly


old mobile,
but killing look
best camara and flash is also best.
handling is very good...

  • k750i lover

Raka, 24 Mar 2009My camera button is not working, any suggestions?the camera button can be repaired but it will again give problems after sometime. best option is to have the whole keypad's PCB changed and that can be done in about 10 dollars from SE service center

  • k750i lover

its almost 3 years that ive had this phone and it still is nothing less than of impressive. the camera is the best out there and yes camera button does give problems after such long use but otherwise eveything else is just perfect from sound to os

  • beng

its a great phone. i had it for more than 3 years now though i had the lcd changed due to my fault, i always accidentally dropped it. the pics are superb from cel to computer, even if you zoomed in, its not pixeled compared with N95. i love the photo light, it can substitute to a flashlight.

  • Raka

My camera button is not working, any suggestions?

  • Dan

I have been used it for two years.. and it always on. for 24 hours, 730 days no problem. You got all conection bluetooth, infrared, & usb port plug & play. As a modem K750 is awesome fast enough no extra setting it easy... best phone ever

  • random

this phone is the best, fast for taking pictures, and very fast firmware upon going through menu's todays phones are slugish and choppy, i had this phone 3 years i dropped it in a pint of guiness and dropped on concrete many times. it eventually doed after the main two buttons stopped workin, it was such a shame :( i have the k850 and its ok but i never loved it as much as i did the k750 RIP :(

  • z.o.t

Best phone ever. Everything on it is not the best but the combination is.

  • kashif

it it the ultimate phone in the range of its prices.
there is nothing bad about that phone.
but mine is taken away by my sister and i had to buy one for me now but it is not available in pakistan market now. ................ i was in love with that phone

  • DarkHTC

The phone is great and the best part is the camera, sometimes I think it is more than just 2MP, but exactly one year from buying it the joystick stopped to work, after a month most of the keys have stopped working too, I have visited the company to fix it, they reply with a cost close to half the price of the device. I just put it aside to buy another one, it is disappointing,,,

  • ragu

mp3 sound is amazing both head phone and loudspeaker. mega bass is awesome on earphone

  • saleem

ravi choudhary, 10 Mar 2009I dont like this phonei like the phone.this phone is world most best phone.


I think this is the best mobile in k series and i like this set very much camera result and it's specification very best mobile made by sony ericsson

  • ravi choudhary

I dont like this phone