Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • Teddiebear

For people who can read Dutch:­s/1036814///k750i

For the other people who can't read Dutch, but want to make an Theme for the K750i:­

I made one allready!

  • den

si dude i no there is abit of noise in them but if u think about it they r taken in a not so bright room plus i dont think he would of had night mode on under that type of light,hopefully he will take some pictures from out side to get the real look in the picture but so far they look ok have to wait and see.

  • dave7610

the w800 has flight mode so you can use the mp3 player with the phone off so why didn't they design the k750 so you could use the camera with the phone off. it seems unfair that the w800 should have the monopoly with both mp3 player and camera working with the phone off but the k750 with neither!!!

  • Si Dude


If it has the port on the convertor I am pretty sure it will work in the SE K760!


I still think the pics taken with this have quite a lot of noise even on the ones on the review on GSM Arena on some! Also I think flight mode might have been in the K750 but decided just to make it availble to the W800 as they wanted the phones to be different! K750 imaging phone and W800 music phone! I also think when you said the W800 can hold more memory than the K750, I think the K750 can hold the same amount as the W800 whatever that might be! Do you know what the maximun size that the W800 can hold! I think it is 4gb!

  • Stevo

OK I just thought up an awesome q for anyone who's brave enough to answer...

My dad has one of those decent hands free car-kits where you can hear who's calling through the car radio. The model is for his old nokia phone, but I recently read you can buy a converter kit that changes this one into a pop-port style car kit.

Now the question; I know theyre made for nokia mobiles, but being the same port as the K750i, would it work with this phone too? If so, that would be super fantastico (I may be buying that car one day...!) :) Ta all

  • si

what happened to free enterprise?!!

  • Anonymous

hey. after checking all the videos and stuff of the K750 i dont like the red/maroon in the menu and standby screen. is it possible to change this?

  • Alex

hey justin from SA. i also come from SA and i also like this phone alot.

  • den

go to this forum theres some1 who tests phones out he has tested the k750 today by taken some indoor pics and he has taken them of all the manuals and that to prove he has the phone,but so far pictures look grt even in alitle darkness.....­/showthread.php?p=235206#post235206

  • Stevo

I spoke to Carphone Warehouse in Twickenham today, the guy said no way its coming out till later next month. He seemed dead certain on it (despite me telling him its no longer listed as 'coming soon' amongst other things!), but I think after catching up on this site today, its clear he has no idea what he's talking about!

  • badassboy

want the user manual of K750i it is...­a_AE.pdf

some movies....

available in England 23th of may for the price of 349.95 inc ..see link...­nes-Sony-Ericsson.asp

now just waiting for Belgium !!!

  • justin

hey man when is da sonyericsson k750 cuming out in south africa cuz i want dat fone now!!!!!!!!!!plse could u tell me if anyone knows?

  • willem

which memorystick fits in the k750i?

  • mubasher hassan mehr

hi dear listener's i hope that every body will be fien on there places before hearding the news of k750 and w800 but can the company maker will tellme and other that why mobiles are comming with short changes if they are intrusted to make change and good things than they make the good thing with cheeper price because e.g in w800 the only different from k750 with the memmory base but their difference i heard that not very much so make mobile set cheaper and cheaper if sony ericsson want to make teir great name in the eyes of other if the rates will in control of these two sets then i wthnk so that will be great shock on ther companies so its admit as request or suggestion if any body may like my suggestion then mail me at
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mubasher mehr

  • den

they still have that blur affect in some of them pictures and some looked ok,like it says at the bottom that it may still get better b4 the release depends when they were taken cause on another forum there was some1 who gets the phones also and he said the pics at first looked like this but when he had the phone to test 4 the 2nd time there was a new filmware in there and the pictures look grt just have to wait and see,also will be a bit weird why this phone has flight mode when it was meant only 4 the w800 if the k750 has night mode when it comes it they will be the same phone but different design that will be about it but the w800 can take more memory.sounds like the phone may be out soon might give sony a ring or has any1 else phone them?

  • Si Dude

den go to this link too as it shows photo's taken with the camera and how they really look:

  • Si Dude

Radio off mode is basickly the same as flight mode but flight mode is the proper name! I don't think the K750 will have flight mode as SE want to make the W800 the music version really and have heard other reviews and things from SE that there won't be flight mode in the K750!

  • viperkid

It's too expensive, $575?? Yeah it has great mutimedia features (e.g. 2mpix cam, 262k screen, up to 4 giga expandable memory) but only 40-instruments polyphony. I hope SE made improvements on its phone features like:
1) Contacts on both SIM card & phone memory can be shown at the same time.
2) Fields on contacts can accomodate 2 or more of the same field like 2 mobile phone, 4 office no. etc. in 1 name.
3) Message alerts tones can be customized (able to select files on gallery, e.g. mp3, midi, etc. as msg tones).
4) Type in 2 or more characters when searching on the phonebook for fast selection and to prevent unnecessary scrolling.
5) Turn off camera shutter sounds.
6) EDGE for fast downloads/uploads.
7) When reading msgs, scrolling down, shows the next paragraph not the next 1 line only.
8) Easy to navigate joystick.

This phone will be worth the price if it has this improvements otherwise i'll go for Nokia 6230i with excellent phone features for only $380! I would'nt spend nearly $200 more just to get a merely 700,000 more pixels on the camera and autofocus (which slows down capture time and lead you in missing some candid shots, if it can't be turned off) and besides 6230i has more pixels in its screen per cm2 making it sharper than this one! Plus PTT & Visual Radio! Not to forget having 64-instruments polyphony. Can anyone tell me what does this K750i has that 6230i doesn't have in general..

  • alexa

radio off mode is the same as flight mode?

  • dave7610

si dude: it said on the what mobile site that their k750 had flight mode!