Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • Tommy

In answer to Adeels first question:

'Unfortunately, the hot USB connection is not ideal and greatly differs from the one in the Motorola E398. Installing drivers is always necessary; otherwise the device won't be identified. Also, we should mention, only memory card data is acceptable, access to the user data is denied. That is not a serious minus, since the same data is kept on the card and all the applications, photos, images are saved there by default. This allows keeping the device on when using a USB connection, which allows the device to serve as an external drive based on MS Duo cards in some way.'

Hope this helps

  • den

jonny not saying u havent got it im just waiting 4 the phone to come out then get on contract i have rang sony and t-moible stores and carphonewarehouse stores to find out if they have any and a realese date but they said its not out and wont be till maybe end of the month.if u have got it far play and hows the pictures on it when viewed on the phone very clear or to much hype on the cam on it also the video play bk thanks.

  • K750i_88

Si Dude, do you know if you always have to turn the phone to take photos???

  • jonny

if you dont believe me that i ahve it and clapham tmobile have it in limited stock right now why dont u go there anka sk them ur self then come n tell me have i got ti or not

  • den

just funny alos that this site is saying its out but all phone shops have no idea i have checked the web sites and they have nothing of it being out and SE dont either any 1 else seen the phone out or got it?

  • den

jonny,god knows how u have got the phones already i have spoke to sony and they r saying they r not to sure on when the phone is coming out i also phoned carphonewarehouse and they said that they have had no release date but said the phone will be 300 thats what they r saying were on there systems but the funny thing was sony didnt even no the price.

  • Si

its in the o2 shop brochure for 249.99

  • Chandler

250 pay as go go o2 ??? no way way to cheap i rung o2 today they aid end of may and 350 on pay as you go but it will only be avalible on contract for the 1st few months :-/

  • Chandler

i read it had mpeg 4 :-/

does it support 3gp. in fullscreen video ?

  • Adeel

I wanted to ask another thing, This phone doesnt have a mpeg4 player .... so can we expect that its new firmware may support it ... or is there an mpeg4 player present in java which we can install in it ???
wierd wuestions i know :D

  • Jonny

to every1 that lives in london. Clapham Tmobile have just started selling the k750 and d750 from today 6-5-05 i just got mine they say the stock is very limited so if you wnat 1 i suggets yout get 1 now.

p.s i upgraded mine it cost me 80 both phones are same price

  • $][ ]\/[ () ]\]

the only difference from the s700i is that the k750 does not have mpeg4 player. does this mean it wont be able to watch some videos and is it important???? thanx

  • Si Dude

Yes I do know what you are talking about Adeel but I have a really busy day today and should asnwer yours and everyone else's questions at around 4:30 GMT London, Lisbon

  • Adeel

Hello SI,
I have a question for you ...
Since this beautifull handset has a usb port ... can I use it as I use my USB stick ??? for carruing data ... I hope you understand what I wanna ask .
Waiting for your reply dude ..

  • Si Dude

I willa nswer all your questions ooon as I don't have time now!


Si Dude

  • jonesy

this phone looks well good i cnt wait to get it

  • Seth

Damn.... I can buy this phone in week 20 (June)... But the releasedate has been postponed.
And another thing, the wholesale business can deliver a lot of phones, so that can take a while...
(Gr.... Seth from Holland)

  • dave7610

to stevo:

yes it said you can use the camera, mp3 player or other features without having the phone switched on but i'm not sure. I think they must have mixed it up with w800.

  • Ken

No, it's not a Symbian. And so there is a limit to what programs you can install. They only sort of programs you can install are JAVA Applications (which are not advanced as programs for Symbian phones). Smartphones allow you to install programs such as pdf readers, the K750 isnt a smartphone...

(hope that helps :P)

  • Easy-T

hey guys? this is not a simbian... well does that mean i cannot install programs on it???? for example a pdf reader???? (i'm sorry, i like phones... but there's a limit to what i can understand about them... unlike Si Dude)