Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • kosta

how much does it costs in USD?

  • Anonymous

THis or moto v8? Take into account that v8 has drop dead gorgeous looks and that all important EDGE

  • AB

Silver you just dont know when to give up do u? My factual information is from THE Carphone Warehouse magazine. The facts are. Sonys S700 started off at 550 and now is 350. Sony ericsson will not undercharge consumers for their fones because if they did, it would not be worth their while making them and selling them at a loss. Yess i agree with you that many people look for public opinions, but only want to see Factual info not info that people just write down for fun, leading people on. Your suggestion of price is exteremely wide of the mark.


  • Julie

Yes it looks like just what I have been waiting for? How much and when??????

  • TONY

This phone is great!!! When will it be released?

  • Mark LV

You always need the handsfree! Othwerwise what do you use as the antenna? Only medium wave bands can do without the antenna.

  • raymond

I learnt from some web pages that k750i doesn't need the handsfree to be inserted for the FM radio to work, does anyone also heard about it?

  • dxreaper


You are asking about the price and availabilty of the K750i in the Malaysian market. Can you do a search before asking a question? This has been answered before. Should be about June/July for about RM2000+

  • Silver

Tony, the price hasn't been officially released (as far as i know)... At the moment, the best you will get is a price estimate.

And no, I won't tell you :P You will just have to look down this page, and have a look for yourself!

  • warren

Definitely K750i over 3230
Unless u want Symbian, which in this case u are better off looking at Nokia 6680 or 6681. 3230 wouldn't hold a candle to this baby here!

  • tony

yo, I like both of those- W800 and K750, does any one know the prices of the handsets only when they available in Uk.

  • Max

With EDGE it would have been an ideal phone.

  • joris

What do you guys think is the best phone to buy, the Nokia 3230 or the Sony Ericsson K750, considering phone options, performance.

  • wee

when will this out in malaysia market?can someone tell me?i juz heard that it will be on sell at 1 april 2005 and the price is rm1700-2200,is this real?can anyone answer me?thanks a lot.......

  • rohan

can any1 plz tell wat wud be da price of dis fone in india

  • adam526

But w800 will cost lot more, from this money you can buy an 512mb/1gb ms duo pro card.And for w800 you have to wait till september, it's way too long time

  • Ben Dover

this fone is cool, but the w800 is better even though they are the same, the w800 comes with a higher capacity memory card.

  • Robot

I would like this phone, but I wont buy it if it's too expensive. Goodness gracious, people are dying and I'm throughing away money that could feed a whole tribe in africa, on a stupid phone with good features, that I could get in another phone with the exact same features for a lower price. No.

  • sid

HELLO! Can anyone b kind enough to PLZZZZ lemme know wen this model will b released in INDIA and the Approx Cost...Thanx

  • Tony

can anyone explain 2 me what's the EDJE feature?