Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • Deo

hands down, this would clearly be a winner, especially with its horizontal picture taking scheme, and not to mention, finally a protection for those precious lenses, whoa!!! 64mb duo inluded.. no point on discusing 6230i vs K750.. maybe it a k750 vs W800 will do better!!!!!!!! MABUHAY PHILIPPINES

  • Ares

Iīm just comparing specs...if 6230 had has only advantage over k700 the mem slot thing, his sucessor hasnīt that over k750, and all the rest is inferior (camera, screen, radio - no rds, etc)

  • none

It's pointless to compare phones before u try them.Maybe this is better or the nokia 6230i...but i'm sure both phones have advantages and disadvantages.

  • besiden

i agree with ares! the nokia's and more particularly the nokia 6230i stand no chance against this all out killer phone!

  • Ares

Wtf is EDGE for???? Lol
This phone and w800 just trash the new s40 blokias

2mp Autofocus
fullscreen video
radio with rds
MS up to 2gb
user defined sms tones
Advanced OS not like prehistoric s40 OS eh eh

  • yee

at long last!! card slot!....oh yee....

  • besiden

I've had the K700i for a month and a half now and I am crazy bout it.Now that i've seen the K750i I am obsessed with Sony Ericsson cell phones!!!Its between the K750i and the Z800 for my upgrade.Sweet Sweet

  • MYTH

Hey...This thing got no FM radio ( check the oficial website )....but its cool

  • Mark LV

The perfect phone - 'nuff said!

  • Anish Arora

im speechless....jus lacking in an OS and edge...but WOW!!!!!!!!!!

  • sid

all this but no EDGE yet...this is ridiculous! How long is the Video and r the speakers stereo yet if not 3D? no offence meant but, The moto e398 had 3D surround ones for more than an year now..

  • ate

are you insane, how can you compare this with nokia this is perfect. I can't wait for it. Oh 6230i is comming, ha ha ha look at specifications.

  • Anonymous

Let the debate between the Nokia 6230i vs The Sony Ericsson K750i begin!!!

  • dxreaper

Yes, it has video recording. About what resolution, that is unkown at the moment.

  • James

Hmm..does this phone has video recording? I doubt so because the official website did not say so either. This would be perfect if there is video recording

  • dxreaper

Just a recap on the features on this phone.
2mp camera with AUTOFOCUS
32mb internal
64mb external supported (up to 2gb)
262k colour screen, 176x220 resolution
new USB interface (yes, you can use it as a pen drive)
ability to add an external flash (like those on real cameras)

Also, the software has been updated greatly. It has more animation, is much smoother, and for that person who's complaining about the slow sloftware and having ability to get more programs for nokia symbian, could you tell the readers what are those extra programs you are talking about? As far as I know, this phone has more features in terms of software versus a newly opened symbian nokia.

  • Khurram

i was using s700 but i lov symbian simply u can say nokia coz lot of stuff is available and nokia's OS is very userfriendly and faster as compare to s700i so i am planning to get 6670 or 6630 but waiting to release some good models
does someone knows when it is going to release and what will be the prise
>>>>>the screen is small it should be little bigger.
camera no doubt is very good and 256k colors are also awesome
the only thing which make me to sale s700i and go for nokia was slow software and lack of application and entertainment stuff

  • Anonymous

the upgrade from K700I
great!! this phone is gona to kick nokia phone ASS NOW then i belive that sonyericson has alot of potential to produce great phone like this K750I WOW!!!
this phone is incredible it is 100% pros no cons
most of sonyericson phone is compatible with teenager not like nokia like to produce symbian phone thats is copatible to business man
SONY RUZ...............................

  • M7MD82

Finally,SE is the best.2MP Camera.A bestseller phone

  • Anonymous

LOL i don`t like sony ericsson but this model really impress me there are a lot of functions i want to buy it :)samebody knows when this phone will be avaliable??