Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • Anonymous

Nice phone, but I thought they had that awesome copper color. Why did they ditched it? Are they goin' to make a copper one later?

  • dxreaper

About EDGE on this phone, can you guys STOP complaining about SE phones not having EDGE? Have you noticed that LOTS and LOTS of other manufacturers are stopping their EDGE phones? Hence Nokia is the only one supporting their EDGE at the moment. Even SE's only EDGE Z500 has been taken off. EDGE is NOT seen as an essential feature by many, but I guss you Nokia fanboy would love to find anything missing huh? Next thing for all we know you would argue that the K750 is missing a "Nokia" logo on it.

  • Qwert

Still EDGE is missing! What's wrong with SE? Nokia & Co. have had it for ages but SE can't add such a little thing to its phones...

And why on earth, almost all the SE phones look the same? Nokia (the master of many versions of the same phone - ie. models with i) has phones that look different but SE can't make the same... Why? Why SE copies same design to (almost) all the phones?

  • Anathaema

cannot be objective when it comes to such great features this phone has to offer.
2MP ... FLASH ... FM radio ... BIG memory ... MEMORY CARD ... AND THE LOOKS ...

best phone, best looks ---> award winner, for sure

  • bla bla

i think that the only flaw on this phone is the screen size! the phone looks too big for the screen (both the t610 and the k700i were smaller phones with proporitionate screen sizes where as this phones screen seems not in preportion!). they should make it like the sagem myx8 with a qvga size screen, then it would be perfect!

  • care4ever

If you look for DESIGN it's one of the best!!
If you ask for FEATURES no comparetive with oothers!! If you need PERFORMANCE..the K750 it has all the power!!be careful NOKIA time is coming to go down!!

  • Andrew

Hi everyone!
About the Fm radio, on the official sonyericsson website says that this K750 has fm radio
This phone is awesome.
I'm gonna have one of those!
Those anyone know the releasing date and it's price?
Take care

  • Bijan

hi.this is the best mobile that i see till now.
i buy it 100%.
i wish it has low price a little.

  • Deo

hands down, this would clearly be a winner, especially with its horizontal picture taking scheme, and not to mention, finally a protection for those precious lenses, whoa!!! 64mb duo inluded.. no point on discusing 6230i vs K750.. maybe it a k750 vs W800 will do better!!!!!!!! MABUHAY PHILIPPINES

  • Ares

Iīm just comparing specs...if 6230 had has only advantage over k700 the mem slot thing, his sucessor hasnīt that over k750, and all the rest is inferior (camera, screen, radio - no rds, etc)

  • none

It's pointless to compare phones before u try them.Maybe this is better or the nokia 6230i...but i'm sure both phones have advantages and disadvantages.

  • besiden

i agree with ares! the nokia's and more particularly the nokia 6230i stand no chance against this all out killer phone!

  • Ares

Wtf is EDGE for???? Lol
This phone and w800 just trash the new s40 blokias

2mp Autofocus
fullscreen video
radio with rds
MS up to 2gb
user defined sms tones
Advanced OS not like prehistoric s40 OS eh eh

  • yee

at long last!! card slot!....oh yee....

  • besiden

I've had the K700i for a month and a half now and I am crazy bout it.Now that i've seen the K750i I am obsessed with Sony Ericsson cell phones!!!Its between the K750i and the Z800 for my upgrade.Sweet Sweet

  • MYTH

Hey...This thing got no FM radio ( check the oficial website )....but its cool

  • Mark LV

The perfect phone - 'nuff said!

  • Anish Arora

im speechless....jus lacking in an OS and edge...but WOW!!!!!!!!!!

  • sid

all this but no EDGE yet...this is ridiculous! How long is the Video and r the speakers stereo yet if not 3D? no offence meant but, The moto e398 had 3D surround ones for more than an year now..

  • ate

are you insane, how can you compare this with nokia this is perfect. I can't wait for it. Oh 6230i is comming, ha ha ha look at specifications.