Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • george

im having problem w/ 1 GB memory stick pro duo, it does not read. does the 750i support only the memory stick pro only?

  • Am@

i have this phone and i think it's really cool

  • crazy

nice phone nice cam, camera button & joystick irritates after prolonged use. Get servicing done after every 2 yrs from SE service center to avoid it. HPM-70 audio cable allows to listen song in woofer system directly. applications like (Virens) dictionary are useful if installed. remote control allows to change channels & sound of TV channels (internal TV tuner card), desktop, media player can be controlled from a distance of 20-25 mtrs. 2 gb (or 4 gb ??) hot change memory is adequate support. overall a great handy phone suits always your budget.

  • blinkcup_flick

great phone ever!!!!

  • akila

my sony ericsson k750i phone can't plug to my pc phone is not detect pc and when i plug cable in to usb it start to battry charging. how to plug my phone to computer? please give me for answer. thanks

  • siva

I have bought this mobile some 2yrs back. Still it rocks!! Best Mobile one could ever own..THANQ SE!

  • sarah

i bought this phone about 7 months ago snd it dosen't work turns off when it likes and takes long to come back on.Also my camera dosen't work.

  • s.shahul hameed

Hai sir,I am shahul, i am studying in latha mathavan polytechnic and studying in the EEE department.Our model phones will increase the sound while hearing on phone and other problem in w200i in that sound effect is good but there is no bluetooth facilities,
camera is not clear and our company want to introduce new model with bluetooth and good camera clarity in that my own model no is w270i.This is my opinion and i want reply
Thank you sir

  • D'RX

Well I dunno how come so many fellas had problems with their joystick.

I've had the phone for a year now, with no joystick problem at all! (except that the shiny coating is gone, hehe) I use the joystick extensively and roughly, play games all the time, etc... but it's still perfect! It all depends on luck I guess :P

Also my phone NEVER hanged! The only time I remember it hanged was when I used a faulty memory stick. I replaced the stick, and all was well.

On the flip-side, my camera button became moody after half a year or so. (It would take pictures when it liked, lolz) I caution against using the camera extensively (I've taken 5000 pics in 1 yr) I got it serviced though, and it worked fine again.

I use the phone to the max, got Walkman 1.0 player installed (by w800i firmware), so now I get music mode option during startup :D, not to mention, the amazing player interface itself. Use the Walkman earphones (the button doesn't change tracks though), 4GB memory stick (flawless), and my phone as a modem for my laptop (though its quite slow).

The only thing I didn't like about the phone was the video quality. Both recording and playback sucks. Big time...

All in all a great phone, and I now part company with it for its elder sibling, the k810i... Recommend this phone to all budget conscious buyers.

  • Help!

Can i use my pc's internet on my k750

  • anand

should i buy k750i or nokia 6233??......i want a durable phone with gud camera and sound....also pls tell me advantages of one of these over ther ny problem with the 750's joystick????

  • kimi

k750 has the most stupid joystick that i have ever seen

  • Mehdi Jafari from Ir

I bought it year ago.It is very functionable and also attractive.But its joystick doesn't work properly now.

  • Erick

I have a suggestion, you need to make sure that wat ever file you want to load onto the phone, it can support. And that you have installed the right soft ware given with the phone. Plus, if you can, update the phones software. If anyone need help or need these programs you can contact me.

I hope this helps you otherwise feel free to contact me.

  • s

do u know now u can instal walkmen in k750 cause i have it installed in my ph with
better sound clearity... 9820985455

  • Vishnu

this is the best ever used mobiles till now........

  • Badboy

This is one of the best phones ever existed on the market! I have it for a year now, altough i bought myself a K800i too:P! At the time it had the best 2Mp camera, it has loud speaker(sometimes better than the Stereo N73 Speakers), good battery after 1 year still goes for 3-4 days! The single major problem is the joystick and from time to time software problems, usually when in Media Player( when changing song it goes off, or when i try to rise up the volume, but rarely) ! Otherwise is an excellent phone and i recommend it for everyone who wants a cheap price-good performance, or you could say cheap price-very good performance!

  • Yasir

Hey man anyone there to answer me.can i use this as a gprs modem to browse in pc or laptop . i have downloaded the driver but dont know how to install it

  • Luqman

Can anybody please tell me Why mobile auto charging showing,Even i am outside the home without charger.

  • Junkie

Hi anyubody can tell me a program witch is supporting editing contacts (tel numbers, pictures, adresses,)in my k750i phone? I tryed some programs, but no one supporting adding photos to contacts. Pls help. Thnx.