Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • boy

i think this is the most perfect 2.0's mp phone in the can make it like a real digital camera (can print pic up to 8r size),u can enjoy music with better sound than ipod (u can get more feal if u use seW810music earphone), battery life also quite tough enough, also can enjoy java game, and the most best is this phone is very tough enough to fight with the VIRUS rather than nokia (even your phone got a virus it will not JAM like almost nokia phone), this phone also is fast enough if u using 2Gb m.stick...i'm using this phone 2 years already and it never make a trouble yet..

  • spiky

d fone's kinda kul, great pix quality nd sound production. just started using it until some stupid dude held me at gun point and tuk it!

  • Anonymous

You can store about 110 photo's on the 64MB card, that comes with the phone.

  • seth

the phone is the heat jumps whenever i get to see it,unfortnately,my dad mistakenly bought k700 for me

  • shosky

how many pics can be accomodated in 64 MB Magicgate Memory Stick Duo that came with the phone?

  • Saurabh

hello can anybody plz tell me that is it possible to make folders for sms and move sms in those folders as i have k510i and it dont have this facility i want to buy k750i so plz tell me that is this possible ???/ it's urgent plzzzzz

  • Anonymous

It has a really good price/performance ratio,
and everyone knows ericssons have the best menu system ever.

  • poncha

why this one said to have the best camera? it has a general 2mp camera rgt?

  • Primark

I LOVE THIS PHONE!!! almost complete, if it had 3g i think this phone would dish out most of the nokia phones...

  • Anonymous

You are really joker and you didnt know that its the best phone in the universe and KING!
of 2 megapixel.I have this phone about 7 months and no problem at all.I already used n70 and its cam not good as K750i.So sell your nokias in your forum.SE Rocks!

  • rolando

you can use it as digital camera, all together in one gadget, so nice to have one then,

  • rolando

its really nice when you have a sony erricson phone, althoguh i dont owned one, but i beleive it got everything you want in a celphone, the picture is clear, and whats more?
it also ahs a very big capacity for picture storage!

  • Edwin-gh

de fone is vry good. i've used it 4 7month now and has been vry good and helpful. i recently hear bad sound 4rm the intenal spekers and sometimes restart itself. it is a good one, plz try it.

  • dgrn78

I've had this phone over 2 years and it's survived through all I can dish out.

I've dropped it, got it wet and still it lives.

The only cons are:
-speaker is a little softer than I'd like
-joystick just started going on the blitz a few months ago (not working properly

Otherwise the phone is great, also a great backup phone.

Now I'm looking at getting the K770i in a few months.

  • joker

ppl dont buy this phone no matter wat!!!! it's very very not good it' shape it's evrything it's not souted for a friend mobile just use it for back up' will be ok for this job i had one before a month it was very cheap and not good i regamand u to taak a 5200 or n70..............


  • Mayssam

SonyEricsson K750 is a very good cell phone. It is cheep and you can use it easily. Don't play any game with this phone because the joystick is very sensitive.Also, It has a very good camra.

  • Saumya

I worried abt video recording it was only for 10 sec but now i got option to record unlimited video nice phone this is real pro set...

  • zain ul abdin

it is very good handset stylish and good lookin except the joy stick i love it and i also have

  • imaaz hasan

i love this mobile

  • Shary

Hi Stanley, I am Shary from Pakistan.
I had the same problem about 5 months ago, but dont worry, my phone is now ok.

I will mention the steps which you need to follow to make your phone start working again ok...

The steps are given below:

1) You need to download softwares namely "SEUS: SonyEricssonUpdateService", and "XS++".
2) Install XS++.
3) Start XS++ and Select USB, and Press Start.
4) Take out your phone's battery, and reinsert it after 5 secs.
5) Now press and hold [C] key and connect your DataCable.
6) Keep holding the Key for another 5 secs after successfully connecting the phone to the Program.
7) Now select the First firmware from the list of preloaded firmwares.
8) Do as it says, and Flash the new firmware.
9) Your work with XS++ is done... Now come to SEUS
10) Start SEUS, do the same as you done before, update the newest firmware.
12) Enjoy and say Thanks to ME =)

An individual aged 13: