Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • timir

1st u open the shatter of cammara and then click the settings and move the joistic save to. and then choice memory stick. i will hope u r solve that way .

  • aps

please tell me how to put a recurring event like a birthday in the calender, from the phone itself
thanks and regards,

  • yashas gautham

i'm a big fan of this phone....i am going to buy this in about a weeks time....can anybody please tell me the mp3 and the loudspeaker clarity...can it match upto the w700 phone....n also tell me wats the maximum memory which it is expandable to....plese...i'm waitin

  • Anonymous

SET is pretty good.. service in india(delhi) Horrible
I have purchased set around 4 months back.. The perfomance by Set is pretty good, some of my friend have the same. unluckyly my set had some problem from day one.. it used to hang some time.. One day it hanged. I switch it off(as i used to do) and then could not turn it on..
Service station story: Sevice center said that SET has MOTHERBOARD problem and tried to replace set with an year OLD set. which looked heavily used..
I rejected that SET and since then contacting service center and their call centre almost twice/thrice a week.. no responce..
Smartness at call center is that their executive provide me an complaint no.. whereas Sony 'call center' has no provision of complaint no..The compaint no. only given from Sony service center.. Call center guys do not even update that complaint sheet..They will ask you atleast 20 question, put you on hold for 2 to 5 minutes and one reply.. 'we will turn back to you in 24 hours'.. and 24 hours never ends..This is happening with me for last one month..

A set may have problem.. but service center should tell problem and when it will be solved.. From Sony service center and their call center.. they never tell when problem will be solved.

  • Robert

The phone works with a 2GB MSDP I have tried it no prob. Regarding the 4GB It also works but with slight delay in execution of apps, provided that you use sandisk or sony stick (others don't just work). It has a message counter under Menu>settings>cost>msg Counter. Problems? Not just yet, everything is ok (under 3 mos. use)

  • Allen

To buddhika
No, K750 doesn't have flight mode.

  • k750i

hey guys, i wanted to ask you if the back cover of the k750i fits the W800??? And also is there any type of problems concerning the opening of the camera cover which automatically activates the camera??

  • buddhika

does this K750 got flight mode?


  • Karthi

Can anyone of you please let me know if K750i supports 2GB Memory Stick Pro DUO, 2GB.Please let me know.I am thinking of buying one. I read somewhere in the review that k750i supports only 1 Gb.Is it so.Please reply.Thanks in advance for your answers

  • coolguy

hey k750i_fan, wanted to ask you something.. Well since when you are using this phone?? And what problems have you encountered since now??
Because as i told you i am a fan as well of the design of this phone..

  • Marx

May i ask if its true that i can use 4gb memory stick pro for k750?please reply as soon as posible before i buy a new memory stick.thanks

  • Jools

hello ;]
Ive just got a k750i,, does any one know how to change the theme into a picture youve uploaded onto the phone?
please email em fi you do ;

thanks (y)

  • Anonymous

Yes,it has a Message Counter

  • karthik

does this phone have message counter?

  • K750i Fan

@Atli & Coolguy

K750i is worth Buying

there in No Nokia till date that can Beat the Picture Quality taken with K750i .

as for Music K750i does it better then all Nokia's !

Buy the K750i ! you will Not Regret it

  • Atli

Nokia or SonyEricsson? I don't know for others. Those new Nokias are very good. I only know those two SonyEricssons, 610 and 750. Both excellent phones wich always scored high in tests (you can see tests here, on this webbside and another here comparing just the camera). My brother has a 790 and is NOT satisfied. Norwegians has a testside: which is useful and the test every three months or so. It must come down to your blend of personal taste, own experience, others experience and official unbiased tests. Good luck. Atli

  • Atli

Quite right, the joystick becomes worse during the time of use (in my case I don't no if it was a blend of dirt, sweat in my crude work or need for software upgrade). Maybe both. In the major overhaul the changed or fixed the joystick, changed some items in the "camera bottom" and in the listening device together with software upgrade. No cost for me because of a manufacturer/seller garanti (3 years). The phone, now, is better than ever, and I have no need to change for the next 3 years. And by the way, my wife is still using the "old" SonyEricsson 610, which I bought 5-6 years ago, which is still working fine. I've had Nokia and Panasonic in the past. They worked fine but were useless after two years because the batteris were dead and it made more sense to buy new phone than expensive new batteries. Those new batteries (Lion) adds extra life to cellphones if the machine is durable. Those SonyEricssons are and they are much more than a just cellphones. They are useful partners wich you never leave behind.

  • Totok

To: Atli

Is it true that you had used this phone for 3 years ? What abaout it's joystick ? Is it still works ?

And I wonder to know, what kind overhaul did for your K750 ? Is it just clean the inside component phone, or you must relpace some of it ?

Thanks for your information. Because it is common that the joystick of this phone become unresponsive.

  • rubel_dhaka

hey..can any 1 tell me that it has gprs modem or what?? can i use it as a modem with my pc??

  • Robert

The only thing i worry about this phone is that the joystick may become unresponsive or unusable over time due to usage and dirt accumulation inside. SE joysticks are well known for this fate. Using the keypad and number shortcuts and cleaning the "Well" is a primary chore for this phone.