Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman

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  • Anonymous

Honey, 14 Jan 2012Thanx gyus i m gonna buy it in march because of icecream sandwic... moreM also going to buy it in march but i think in march better fone will be available at this price

  • itshidden

Does anyone face issue with Google Sky Map? With GPS and internet enabled.

It shows North, South and East correctly.

But West it shows as East.

i.e. only 1 direction WEST is shown wrongly.

I tried another app too related to stars, it also shows West as East.

So that means its issue with phone not the program.

Can anyone install Google Sky Map and confirm?

My phone is:
Model: WT19i
Build number: 4.0.2.A.0.58

Thank you.

  • AnonD-37122

Hello to all Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman users.
Im from Malaysia.
I just wanna ask you all some questions,
Does this phone have its disadvantages?
If have, can anyone tell me the disadvantages?
Im gonaa buy it soon.
very soon.
Hows the touch screen?
Is it okay?
please reply my comment.. Thanks a lot!! :) :D

  • Arafat

Pls somebody tell me if i can do minimize my applications like other K or C series SE phns.Thnkx in advance

  • grillo

This cellphone is amazing, just got it today... skype works very good while making a videocall, it is fast, sound with earbuds is very good, the loudspeakers arent that good like i expected, but they are ok for a cellphone,... gps works good and the cellphone itself never freezes...
but i have a question: when i want to change a song, must i unlock the cellphone every single time, and then get into the walkmann app and change the music or is there an easier way? TY

  • Honey

Thanx gyus i m gonna buy it in march because of icecream sandwich .after my exams ..thanx....

  • AnonD-37996

Please I need help.
I just bought the Sony Ericsson Live (Wt19)
but when I started using the phone restarts every time when I pressed a key for use after the screen turns off.
Someone can help me? update the phone and nothing, I put a factory properties and nothing.
Excuse my English I'm from Bolivia

  • AnonD-29193

Honey, 13 Jan 2012Which is better for playing games live with walkman or galaxy ace plusthey have the same CPU and RAM so i think they are pretty much the same, it will only come down to the display of the phone.Live has a smaller screen but higher ppi(180ppi) so even though Ace has a larger screen(158ppi), the display on Live will be better..:)

  • AnonD-29193

AnonD-36654, 13 Jan 2012hello there geeks, i am from india and i would like to buy this... morei'm not sure about HD games..i have the Fruit Ninja HD, it says HD but the resolution is not really's only's graphics is very nice though..
and yes, the secondary camera can take pictures..

  • AnonD-29193

[deleted post] can play motion games..
i don't play that much so i don't know a lot of games.some of the games i have are:
Fruit Ninja Puss in Boots version
Go Go Goat
Jewels Star
Plants vs. Zombies -i was amazed by lag on SE Live..
Fruit Roll
Angry Birds Rio
Beyond Ynth
World of Goo

  • AnonD-37732

Top of all.. I'm very Satisfied in this phone. got a powerful useful device for P8900 pesos (brandnew). Even planned to be upgraded for ICS 4.0. Live with walkman lives with ICS in the future and other devices dies with gingerbread =)

Now for those who complains, match the price with more powerful specs =)

  • AnonD-37732

ueki, 12 Jan 2012which one is better realy.?? sony ericsson live or samsung gala... moreyou are comparing mismatch phones. =)price range then compare.

  • jessica

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2012Awesome phone ! Love's the screen?

  • Anonymous

Awesome phone !
Love it.

  • poo

awesome mob :) just luv it:) best android phone :) has great features and stylish look :)

  • achi

AnonD-29193, 13 Jan 2012anyone want to see sample images of it's camera quality?i can up... moreyes i wnt see pictures of get this phone

  • akash

can we edit word and excel files with this phone.

  • akash

ThankYou rusinstein.

  • Honey

Which is better for playing games live with walkman or galaxy ace plus

  • AnonD-36654

hello there geeks,
i am from india and i would like to buy this one. is it worth the money??? can i play Hd games on it??
can i use the secondary cam to take photos....?
please do reply.