Sony Ericsson P800

Sony Ericsson P800

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  • edgar7465

2002 YEAR SEPTEMBER-is no doubt the best smartphone. where is erycsson to show how to make a smartphone. PS. 3,5jack -No but 2,5YES

  • edgar7465

is no doubt the best smartphone. where is erycsson to show how to make a smartphone. PS. 3,5jack -No but 2,5YES

It appears to be a phone made entirely by Ericsson. What did Sony have to do with this phone? I could also ask vice versa with the Walkman and Cyber-shot phones.

  • enfdo

it´s a cult Smartphone.

soooooo expensive.

im still owning a p910a (i had a p990i too but somebody stoled it from me)

great devices, really really great.

  • Istariray23

Loved this phone from the rest who came to dominate the mobile industry way back then. This is the best 1st touch screen during that time. I love how the forwarded message looked like with date and time like an email. Super like!!!

Hope this phone will still have it's place in the market however on an updated version of course.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-231152, 14 Feb 2014Timecapsule... Date: February 14, 2014 Time: 4:20PM in my tim... moreTimecapsule: 4:20 hrs. ;)

  • wity

P800 is good handset and I'm wishing the Sony company will produce the same model,make being supported by whatsapp

  • mr.Phone

I would very much like it if you were to inform me what kind of charger it uses.

  • AnonD-401972

the correction of memory card is 128 a memory stick duo.

  • AnonD-401972

it's an pda i want it but it's archaic and uses old memory stick duo.i love PDA because the smartphones today it's sucks

  • mora

Help me with a link to download apps. for SE P800-P900! Thank”s in advance!

  • Ano

Dimitri, 19 Nov 2012After 10 years of use, my P800 is still kicking! Battery life is... moreThis phone is mostly japanese, just saying.

  • AnonD-231152

DmX, 19 Mar 2002this phone it going to be the best phone in the WORLD !!!! i... moreTimecapsule...
Date: February 14, 2014
Time: 4:20PM in my time.

Best phone: A7

  • Anonymous

haris, 19 Dec 2011give me P800 batteryif i download it disappears

  • jax

Shitty phone. have it. it's so slow.

  • AnonD-197857

i had this phone when it 1st came out couldnt fault it been looking on ebay for one but one down side is that it dont have wifi otherwise id snap one up asap

  • satyam chadha

its a excellent phone but one major drawback of it that its battery in very difficult to get

  • Aniano

riaz, 07 Mar 2011One fo the worst phone ever experienced... but the music is amaz... morePlease where can buy the screen

  • Cobra2

one of the best phone Sony has ever made

still rocking apart from battery

  • SE

I have managed to put mutch newer nokia battery into BST-15 housing. Needs some soldering skils thoug. I think it was BL-4c with 860 mAh, it works NICE! Its important to rip off the miniboard in the nokia battery and use miniboard of the BST-15 otherwise your P800 cant read the capacity from the battery, happy modding ;)