Sony Ericsson P800

Sony Ericsson P800

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  • Trafy-CTZ

I have a p800... Can you tell me an website where i can download software..thank you

  • m21mp1an

this is link for delivery reports

find "delivery report" in this page and choose d'3rd result..­tended_Addendum_R1a_EN.pdf


  • m21mp1an

hi... any software@driver for p800... just contact me via yahoo messenger. my id is pskisb( i'm always in invisable mode.... press ctrl+G and wake me up).

p/s: i give u.. u give me. easy right. (",)

  • wes

where i can find program for video recording for p 8000?
pls mail me

  • sameer jain

well its not a comment but is question bout p 800 i am usng i from last 3 years a very satisfied customer but still not able to know how ti activate the delivery reports for the sms so that i can know when my messages were delivered if ne 1 knows that please mail me ill be glad

  • shahid Iqbal

how to find softwares for it? how to change in wave?

  • tripple2

Hello people,

Pls what am I doing wrong with my p800. Each time I try to install a file using GPRS, it keeps telling me there's a file missing, but I was able to install a couple of games using bluetooth from the pc. I will be glad if you can help me with this because i don't usually get access to pc, but i can always browse using my phone. You will save me a lot of trouble if u can send the detail to my

Thank you!

  • Rizwan Qaiser

Rohan you can set the sms tones from:
control panel -> select connections tab at the bottom --> goto messaging accounts--->
select sms tab----> click alerts button and Now you can set sms, mms ,email ringtons...

  • rohan

pls tell me how to set the sms tone aswell where to find the softwares

  • omerkamal

please tell me how to set a ring tone in a wav format?

  • chike

does not have video recorder

  • joe

i have ap800 and i wantto install new softwer and realplayer and new lang. thank for how will give me the solution

  • mex

use wav songs as ringtones

  • mex

the p800 plays mp3 and mp4,but if u want a ringtone use wav.

  • adam

i have had it for 9 months and it has these wierd white lines down the screen does any one know how to fix that

  • sweety

the P800 is a great phone but the mp3 cant be assigned a a ringtone. well how can i use that function.

  • Erik Schautteet

It is important to remove the keypad, I am on my 3rd P800, the Key pad cracks the screen because of the ripples on the back of the KeyPad, but yet I love the phone. The screen costs R600 minimum. Also the screws at the bottom by the batry come loose and causes poor cradle compatability and the paint chips of the sides, my opinion go for the P900, unfortanitly I cant afford one, concerning I am on Pay as you go and not contract.

  • aniefiok

hello guys, i have i problem with my contact, i cant check my number in the sim card. i dont know why pls can any help me out, my email is thanks.

  • fmfm


and i thought that i am the only who carries this phone till today. ;)

any way; Gus these information and more you can find them by installing (sman)

Damola: u cant assign mp3 as ringtones.

Hamedi: try to clean the metal connectors, of not work i think u need firmware update(only done at the agent).

  • Gus

Who knows how to display engineer parameters.
BTS number, sector number, signal strengh etc.