Sony Ericsson P900

Sony Ericsson P900

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  • Mark

fuckin beautiful cant wait for it to come out, will cost a bomb though. still looks good

  • vin

yaya.. its a great phone, but its expensive.. =((

  • HaHa?

Oh it has screen all the way down ^-^; didn't know that's why 320x208 but still great 65k mp3,blue tooth

  • HaHa?

damn pixel 320 X208 that's a technology

  • HaHa?

Damn it's a nice phone

  • NOB

This phone is really great, it has everything in it. its the best phone

  • vin

Devil is a true Nokia fans =)) he knows alot of things too i think =)

  • vin

To Pagoda:
Hmmm.. cos i like nokia's user interface. But i saw SE UI, its quite nice too. Siemens SX1 is much better than Nokia 6600? Anyone knows which type of screen P900 belongs to? (TFT, STN, UFB???).
What's da price for these 3 phones (SX1, N6600 n P900)
Thanks everyone =)

  • KantuT

Does it have an USB Port? If not how do you put mp3 files into the memory stick? don't tell me thru bluetooth, coz i think it would take much time. i know this is a stupid question but can anyone answer this, i juz haven't experienced this before. Ty for replying.

  • Devil

This phone is exactly like P800 except for the 65K color and new cover. What a rip off for the 1200 dollars they will charge you.

  • mustafabay

This phone shouldn't be compared with any phone because the comparison would be unjust and it would make any phone look like a joke.

  • Pagoda

Why compare it with Nokia? Real comparation will be with Siemens SX1.
N6600 is inferior to both phones

  • vin

Which one is better? Nokia 6600 vs the SE P900.

  • Dr T610

This is INTENSE!!!!!!! P800 was exellent but now the improved version is gonna rock SonyEricsson is really going to surpass nokia in cell phones!!!

  • vin

I think this is a good phone, but does it have a TFT screen, or STN?