Sony Ericsson P910

Sony Ericsson P910

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  • bob

To all those who use the opinion and review option to sell product and leave messages, DON'T ITS A WASTE OF SPACE. GET A EMAIL ADDRESS. leave the space open for real reviews for the phone

  • Morpheus


I'm sure everyone knows, but the idiot below "James Kim" is a rip off merchant.
Steer well clear!


  • James Kim

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  • jay

hi guys,can somebody tel me if i can install the Destinator(map software) on the p910?

  • bona fide

I own this phone. u can install applications built for uiq, and run java software. things that suck about this is that by default u cant close applications, there is no X button. instead i downloaded a third party program to do this. the camera is 0.3 mpx and very grainy. perhaps the most disappointing thing i have come to experience is the extremely slow transfer rate of bluetooth/irda/or even the usb sync! at SERIAL rates of 115,000 kbps (14 K/s) or so. it makes fulling a 1gb memory stick duo pro a lesson of patience! the screen quality is very good, however it runs 262,144 colors at fullscreen only i believe, at 65k out of fs. bluetooth range is good. the processor is also slow. at 153 or so mhz ARM9. ideally you dont want to have to wait for tasks to process while u r on a mobile. that is for desktop pcs. it should of come with a more powerful processor, 624mhz Xscale or something. internal/external storage performance is good. keyboard is very small but my hand isnt gorilla either so i can use it faster than any other method. i like it. it's sexy enuf for me.

  • XD3

hi guys,
this is my first time owning a pda phone. i just bought this phone like 2 weeks ago. it took me total of 3 days to learn everything about this phone's function. sync. handwriting, etc.
i must say, that i am very impress with this phone, i dont think i will ever switch back to those normal phones ever again.
Things i like about the phone:
1) the keypad, helps me write faster in sms
2)jotter program which aids in note taking
3)acts like a pda (organiser)

Things i dont like about the phone:
1)expensive (same price as O2 mini and yet O2 mini has better specs)
2) the sound is ok only, not great, the sound could be better.
3) currently no chinese character programs, so cannot read chinese character sms
4)Symbian OS....i would prefer windows base programs..more practical and more programs available to download

overall this is a very good phone..i would say one of the best, but before you consider buying this phone, i would advise you to look into O2 mini too...hope this helps

  • Lawrence BP

Hello, I just bought my p910i yesterday. Yes, the screen is 262K, definitely better than the 65k. It has everything, you name it! You can also download applications to the phone. overall, you wont regret buying it!....


HELLO,I am going to buy a P910i but please can any user tell me if the display resolution is better than p900,I mean if it is better than 64k?????Which one is more advanced 64k or 256k?Is this phone resolution truly 256k?please let me know it very soooonnn because in the user guide it is not mentioned.Is it powerful enough????Please let me know i want an expert opinion.Pleaseeeeee.

  • Lee

can't decide btw Treo 650 and Sony P910...which one works better with a Mac...??....please, help me....

  • Sony Extremer

J, that's not my question. It's Shyam's question. I was asking is this phone is better than o2 XDA Mini & Nokia 7710.

  • J

@ Sony Extremer

The phone does not support a memory card, it supports a Sony memory stick. The capcity it supports is as follows.
P910 supports Memory Stick Duo Pro up to 1GB and Memory Stick Duo up to 128MB

  • J

The P910 can't run microsoft excel, however it has an application called Quickoffice which includes Quickword and Quicksheet. Quickword allows you to view and edit microsoft word documents, while quicksheet allows you to do the same with excel documents. The application itselft isn't microsoft excel though, it is Quicksheet.

  • myth

Can anyone confirm that SE910i can run microsoft exel ?? thanks

  • kenji

the data speed transfer is kinda weak (32 - to 40 kbps), compared to the other new sony ericsson phones (z800, 384 kbps (UMTS)).
is there any software that can upgrade for that?

  • mikey

I think everyone who says anything bad about this handset are the ones who cant afford it!
Dont bag out a fone you have never used before you tight wads! I have the P910i and i have had no dramas with it! cant wait for the next one!

  • Sony Extremer

Is this phone better than Nokia 7710 & O2 XDA Mini?

  • shyam

wat about memory card wats the capacity.

  • alex

I want to sae that yours mobile phone are so good but very expensive.

  • cabin crew

i asked one passenger how satisfied he is with the performance of his P910i. he just told me that HE CAN'T SEEM TO SYNC HIS OUTLOOK CALENDAR with his phone. other than that he is satisfied. i asked one captain about this as well and he said he can't seem to do the same. i guess i will wait a little while before i buy this model. good thing my order on the net was void because there was a problem with the requirements.

  • keaton

if u guys think that this phone doesn't hv a gd camera, then u all should buy a digital camera since nobody will use "cell-phone" to capture picture and print it. i think SE P910 beats all the phone from any company.