Sony Ericsson R306 Radio

Sony Ericsson R306 Radio

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  • Anonymous

please make the price of this mobile low price

  • Janice

This model infact suitable for those music lovers - but the point is you only can listen the music from radio not thru' the music files that you can save in the memory card... 5MB is too little (which has not deduct the usage for phone book, smses,pictures....). Really very bad. Anticipating similar model with card slot.

  • Edwin

No Memory Slot Too Bad.....

  • Mukesh kumar verma

Hello! It is confirmed that your company is one of the leading music phone company but you'r always forget the problem of phone memory. So plz remember that provide more memory in phone or provide the function of momory card in small budget phone.


i like this phone very much. it would be more likeable to others if it had a card slot.

  • vijay

there should be card slot for extra memory.. memory isnt enough per uses requirment.

  • soni

there should be extra memory card and card slot.also provide more memory.


King George, 20 Sep 2008Would like to know the price for the R306, as have seen Sony Eri... morehaiiiiiiiiiiiiii the phone has been launched in dubai market price is- AED 420 ... IT SA COOL PHONE WITH FM &AM WITH DISPLAY

  • Mist-R

Whoa... okay people, i give up... this one REALLY need a memory upgrade... SE, you are great factory but i think you always forgetting about memory card problem... maybe your working schedule is the model its feature
3.produce it... the middle suddenly shout "Wait!!! Ahhh shoot... i forgot about memory... oh well lets just stick in the 5mb since(maybe) its the closest to my desk..." LoL

just kidding there, but seriously... work on it please? go SE!!

  • Anonymous

can u tel me wer i can buy ds phone dat vn release in d market...color white not black cuz its very unique than the n the philippines...almost one day in d mall searchng ds phone dat color white but none..only black color..huhu...

  • ashish sharma

its bomb set, sound better then best

  • Anonymous

i think it is faltoo because it does not hane card slot

  • King George

Would like to know the price for the R306, as have seen Sony Ericson has indeed maintained the Quality factor in the Mobile Market, Hats off to You. I am proud to be the owner of Sony Ericsson P990i.

  • The Brain

To mute an incoming call in every SE phone you press the "#" key.

  • Vinkle

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2008what??? u cant mute an incoming call??? hey guys plz tell me coz... moreYou can Mute the sound with Volume keys in every SE Headset...

  • Anonymous

what??? u cant mute an incoming call??? hey guys plz tell me coz i can pick every call at my work place, can i mute incoming calls coz i dont want to reject any of them, kindly inform me.

  • Dar3 DeViL 666

WTF? i just don't get it !!!! how can u make a phone with only 5 mb in 2008 ? i think they do it on purpose so nobody buy's the phone... but i don't understand... why ?????

  • Aradhana

hello frnds, i wanna buy this phone i dnt want mp3 player, i like its looks plz tell me how many pics can we save in this phone, atleast 100 with 4-5 videos? and does this phone has an option to mute an incoming call? plz reply me soon thnx

  • Anonymous

Just add an 0 onto the internal memory (to make 50mb) and that would have been fine for this handset. 5mb is way too low.

  • Arkemup69

Looks awesome i think one of sony ericssons best phone yet i want one when they come out
well done!