Sony Ericsson S003

Sony Ericsson S003

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  • pumzaaa namhla

very cool, got the pink 1

  • Anonymous

why this phone dont have wifi one?

  • Anonymous

is this phone going to be on sale in uk if so when thanks

  • Charlotty

This phone is waterproof!!! That's amazing!!

  • Nagendra

All features are good but the only thing which making us worry is 3G option is setup for CDMA only... But it would be BEST if it's for GSM. And the other is, Max. High end mobile are coming with 16 to 32 GB expandable memory or atleast 4 or 8 GB internal memories.. For this kind of model i expect 32GB as the expandable memory to Survive the competition in the market...

  • alynnayed


  • charlie 2 by 4

awsome phone cant wait for release

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2010as per camera: 12 MP, 4000x3000 pixels, autofocus, dual-LED flas... moreDo you even know what you're talking about? Go learn some Japanese and read the comprehensive reviews, because it kicks the pants off any other SE phones released in the West.

  • Anonymous

as per camera: 12 MP, 4000x3000 pixels, autofocus, dual-LED flash?. Its not really good to have that phone for just an LED FLASH. WORST PHONE. Good to have SE C901 much worth it. Big failures Sony Ericson if you will released this phone for unreasonable price.

  • Anonymous

Zmija, 11 Aug 2010This phone is 90% perfect. The only problem is that it hasn`t Wi... moreactually this phone uses plasma led flash which is 48 times more powerful than normal led....and can me be comparable to xenon flash.....


This is my first time setting sights on this phone. It's sucha beauty! But heard that only Japan has it.. But guess it should be able to import to all countries. Does anyone know the price-wise? It seems like a gr8 phone to me with awesome colours too !

  • M A

I like the phone very much. And waiting ths phone with great interest realy

  • Anonymous

is there any were in england that you can purchase this phone ? please someone tell me ! much love xx

  • kk

i luv tthis phone

  • Anonymous

this has been out in japan for over a year

  • Shivam Pandey, TMS

AK, 03 Sep 2010Hello, Can anyone tell me if this phone will be release in the... moreif this phone will be release in India it will be come in black and white.

  • Azman

why S003 no wifi, it's more better if got wifi.

  • clumsy

really nice!!!!_i really love it!!! but i dont know if how much is dis phone...

  • AK

Can anyone tell me if this phone will be release in the UK and wether it'll come in other colours. I am due to upgrade 2 of my phones but will wait if this will be released. I would like it in black or white.

  • Junney

wow so cool but i wish i had money to buy .