Sony Ericsson S003

Sony Ericsson S003

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  • Rasam.r

it's available now!
i bought blue one from japan ,it doesn't have enough features but it's really beautiful and handsome, i love its skin and color

  • gaborull

Standard battery, Li-Po 870 mAh????

  • Anonymous

I'll get this phone as soon as it's out cause i like the 26M TFT colour.

  • raju

mobile is good

  • prettylicious

hope it will be available also in the philippines...

  • yuri kasuka

quite good! love the color..good cam

  • Anonymous

nana_rozali, 13 Oct 2010I think I want buy this phone...but where can I get and get the ... moredid you get the amount of s003 sony ericson?

  • vin

is it a double card phone? :D
wooooww....i think SE just want to made a gsm phone, not a cdma phone like this...

  • Bimmer

Who needs infra-red port Instead of Wi-Fi ??? SE is so stupid about that !! This phone will be a waste for money....

  • vaasu

Is this phone double side speaker????? pls any 1 reply

  • Solo

omg phone is looking great! black and white looks amazing!!! when this phone be able in Europe? :) sorry for my english

  • nana_rozali

I think I want buy this phone...but where can I get and get the top discount...more important,I want colour pink

  • Daniel

LOL its best my c905 whit the xenon falsh

  • princess

i wanna ask..if this fone is good efficient...and does it just work in japan...!!

  • salah

S E going Back day by day , they are fools, who will by this phone with out WiFi? throw it wase bin,

  • rumesh

good features are this phone and good colour

  • Sharkie1609

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2010why this phone dont have wifi one?I agree, should have had wifi

  • anonymous

Here is specification of Sony Ericsson S003 from au by KDDI, the cellphone operator who launched this phone :­shu/s003/index.html#section03.

You will see that the actual color depth of screen display is approximately 260,000 colors.

  • fadly

The depth color is not 26 million colors, but it's 262,144 colors.

  • Anonymous

i dont even know when the hell this handset will be luanhed