Sony Ericsson S302

Sony Ericsson S302

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  • Dani

The Design is Sleek on this, and nice feautures for a Mid Ranger..

  • Shahid

my think this phone is very costly but it is not possible for me that i purchas it. :-( i m so poor boy.
but in my view this very sexy cell phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ray

It will look great with a different color. Now it looks tacky.

  • Anonymous

i like the design. it reminds me of one of my phones the w810 and the color is so funky

  • Anonymous

One of the best design to come out of sony!
Stop cryng about features, its a mid range phone. Snap shot range they say, probably just for casual snaps.
Its better than many mid range phones. Hope they gt the price right nd dnt have the reliability issues as was with some models lately.
I wil get it, cheers!

  • Johnny 1989

What you on about, ugly phone, it's far from it. The colour may be a bit, girlie, but still far better looking that half of the phones out there.

  • yvthm

ohmygoodness,im disappointed once again =.="

  • LiT

looks class... nice colour... smooth simple design...

  • Anonymous

design is perfect

  • Anonymous

Whith their last models, Sony is definitely trying to beat the world record of the most ugly phone

  • zehra

pleace invent some other model,this is ugly

  • dj

color is awsome !!!

  • Anonymous

simplicity is beauty. not all mobile user is after those high-end phone. this is just perfect

  • SJp

It's like a K630

  • solitude

Classic SE design. Is it the downgrade version of K810 or W610?, they should consider better quality case material.
Nice design, no more SE awful keypad+joystick or D-pad, it make people hates SE

  • Marsian

If the price of this model will be about 130-150€ , I think sales will be good.

  • Anonymous

Is this phone rubbish? because too many rubbish phone out there....

  • erlina

guys, cmon, give ur comment abaout the pretty s302, its to quite, konak's right, i hope it cost not more than IDR 1.5 mio in Indonesia when its launch.

  • Anonymous

You said it Konak, bring on the 3mp with autofocus and flash!

  • konak

the design was remind me with my faboulus K750, i'll wait until soner create handsome phone like this but with at least 3.2 mpix, autofocus camera on it, great job pals!!!