Sony Ericsson S700

Sony Ericsson S700

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At the time of it's release I was really disappointed of the lack of UMTS. For a phone THIS high end, it would have made a lot of sense.

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    • Mongoose
    • Rxa
    • 23 Jun 2016

    I still use the S700 (June 2016).
    We use it to test SIM cards for our GPS trackers.
    It's used weekly for an hour or so.
    The battery lasts 2 months or more !

    Great phone, just dated now with only 2G and poor camera.
    (2G is what we are testing)

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      • Macar0s
      • 3Ak
      • 29 Mar 2015

      You won't believe it, but i still use this phone, after loosing my iphone 3gs 2 years ago... it's like a punishment for my neglect but it's realy a remarkable phone! By the way i changed it's battery last year and now it performes 100%!

        • N
        • Neiol
        • FMY
        • 19 Apr 2014

        One of the best that I ever used. Still inlove with this but no one is really selling anymore. I made a mistake of selling mine for Treo... sucks!

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • v0q
          • 12 Aug 2013

          bought this phone in 2005 but the battery gave up on me last 2009. I still have it and it still works but a fully charged battery will only stay working for less than an hour :)
          I would still love to use it. It really has the solid build and the camera is really great. Even with just 1.3mp, the pictures taken were fantastic. However, the case looks worn out already. The flaps for the SD card and charging port have fallen off. And the silver finish/paint has peeled off on most areas. I dunno if this can still be repainted.

            • j
            • jim
            • 6w@
            • 08 Jul 2013

            hi.what kind of Sony Ericsson battery does it support?

              • E
              • Electra
              • 0Vm
              • 19 Mar 2013

              Yeah it's 2013, I bought my SonyEricsson S700i in november 2004 and I've never stopped using it. Other phones come and go but I keep this one, still using the original battery. What's so good? Camera is fast to use and many times better than newer with lots of megapixels. Sound is great, i often put the music on from the phone in the morning and it fills up the room. I used to be able to see all websites on that phone. I downloaded over 100 games, it was great with java. Bluetooth is easy and fast. It has everything. Still use it as extra phone, the alarm wakes me up every morning, cuz new phones can't be trusted to wake me up.

                • C
                • CHRISTOS
                • MTc
                • 22 Feb 2013

                i just recharge my s700i it was 6 year now in one box into the garage and i find it yesterday!! still work perfect

                  • R
                  • Rinil
                  • rA2
                  • 21 Feb 2013

                  Misha, 13 Feb 2013The phone is still going good and its 2013 and still works ... moreThats so true i was using the phone for 5 years only problem was Kept the phone back in my home town for a year without using and switching it on ..hope one day i will re switch it on !

                    • M
                    • Misha
                    • mHs
                    • 13 Feb 2013

                    The phone is still going good and its 2013 and still works very good phone lasts long :)

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                      • Anonymous
                      • LiZ
                      • 26 Nov 2012

                      Super Phone

                        • d
                        • danette
                        • sp3
                        • 23 Sep 2012

                        best phones,solid,nice,excepional display

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                          • wesley
                          • PU0
                          • 20 Jul 2012

                          best phone,

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                            • nexus network expres
                            • Nhd
                            • 02 Jul 2012

                            i have a sony S700 its condition its bad can u get me a good working condition S700 an extra 3 bettries

                              • a
                              • arif
                              • 7tP
                              • 14 Jun 2012

                              one of the best phone..i brought for my dad 4 years ago..still running excellent

                                • D
                                • AnonD-50238
                                • 3Wt
                                • 12 Apr 2012

                                i had this fone for yrs till my mum broke it never had ny problems way it and alway had grt signal ..... just ordered another one to replace my pay as u go k310i mind u wouldnt part way my iphone 4

                                  • r
                                  • ray
                                  • wY8
                                  • 23 Dec 2011

                                  saksham, 05 Aug 2011i want to sell it for 2200 onlyOk. will buy it.

                                    • s
                                    • sanga
                                    • utu
                                    • 27 Sep 2011

                                    I am still having this phone,but i had problems on its battery since it is discontinued i can't find its battery so i put aside the fone at home but still like it n i couldnot let it out of my sight till today...

                                      • L
                                      • Lee
                                      • 3a2
                                      • 28 Aug 2011

                                      I had this phone for 2 years until it fell out of my pocket on the tube.
                                      It was one of the best phones I have ever owned!

                                        • A
                                        • Akshay Suthar
                                        • 7tE
                                        • 16 Aug 2011

                                        I still using this phone
                                        Great exproence.....