Sony Ericsson S700

Sony Ericsson S700

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  • saksham

anyone want to buy this phone??

  • saksham

aman kumar, 05 Feb 2010anyone want to sell this phonei want to sell it for 2200 only

  • Anonymous

oikoish, 10 Jun 2011Hi can somebody help me with my problem with this fone.. Im... moreyeah, go to ebay and search for s710 or s700i usb cable. its about four bucks and you can use it to remove messages and store them to your computer. if your computer has infrared or bluetooth, download MyPhoneExplorer (google it, its awesome) download it and use your cable, infrared or bluetooth to move your messages and pictures to free up memory. optionally you can expand your memory with a memory card upgrdae.

  • tsikatagodwin

infact i have been using this phone since 2006 and i enjoy using it,but my problem is how to get it original accessories in ghana.example,battery ,phone housing, charger,USB Cord.

  • oikoish

Hi can somebody help me with my problem with this fone.. Im a user of this fone for 6 yrs now.. and the only problem I have is that it cant store more message.. I talways says delete some other messeges even of I only store 1 message on my inbox.. hope you can help me with this.. Thanks!

  • oikoish

Hi, can somebody help me on my problem with this phone? My messaging always says that not enough memory delete some other messages even I only have 1 message in my inbox.. I really can't sotre 3 or more messages because of this... thanks alot!

  • Anonymous

hey buddy look at the date of release

  • Jef

quite tough phone. But no 3G, no video calls and no symbian. It's look is also not pleasent. My other phone nokia 6680 is much more better than this phone.

  • 2404

Whats the price of this phone,

  • aldri

where can i buy battery?

  • nit

can we expandable memoricard card upto 2 GB??

  • sagar patil

memari card 2 gb expndebal

  • Anonymous

i love this phone

  • Anonymous

its hard for me to find housing of this unit:(

  • JIG'S

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2010what is the codeBattery code is BST 27

  • JIG'S

Please How can i get original battery of S700i. I l have but it battery is dead. so please halp me

  • Anonymous

what is the code

  • Jossim

Well, i have been using s700i for six years without any problem. but resently, i have battery problem. pls how can i get the original battery to continue?

  • azes

Been used since April 2005 till now.Fall so many times till lost count,get wet but still working though i have to dissemble it to dry it.The camera is great (CCD sensor fyi),complete with infrared and Bluetooth just equal to mid-class phone nowdays.Going to try install pdf reader since it does support Java elevate it to the next level.

  • jef

plz help..h0w to reformat the s700?plz help..thanks..