Sony Ericsson S700

Sony Ericsson S700

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  • jami499

to ah_wei:
yes you can but the maximum it can take is 128mb and only on memory stick duo!

  • ah_wei

hi... i would like to know if tis fone can add in extra memory card... 32MB is nt enough for me... thx for the 1 who reply this msg...

  • chris

can cum 1 tel me ow to get mp3s on as ringtones plz? do i go on to da internet or wot? plz help

  • warren

Very slick handset, bit on the big side but the features on the handset justifys the size. The only thing that lets this handset down is the poor security features on the handset. Need to put more security on there like pin code lock when the handset is not used for a period of time. MORE SECURITY NEEDED BUT AN EXCELLENT HANDSET

  • dee

Could some1 pls compare this phone with p910 and 7710 and tel me which is best, I am totally confused here.. Is it true wat they say about p910 camera being messed up? thanks...

  • Eko

Nice phone , but not the best one... Samsung and Nokia have very good mobiles too..

  • Anonymous

is there a way to view fullscreen videos?

  • Boy

There is one prblem with this phone - the caller group ring tone doesn't ring on the bluetooth headset. The headset will only have a normal 'ring ring' tone. And when you use the wired ear piece - it will only ring the caller group tones when it's set on silent mode. Can be quite troublesome sometimes.

  • DaN

i want this toy
a'm go to buy't

  • victoriano4

I checked out the software info under the service screen and the customization says ASIAN_LAT. The phone came from Hong Kong when I ordered it. Can I customize it for use in Europe and How? The software on it now is R38032.

  • victoriano4

I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems taking pictures. If the person or object isn't perfectly still the pic comes out blurry. Also if I zoom in all the way the picture looks grainy. Are there ways to fix these problems?

  • victoriano4

Does anyone have problems with blurry pictures or with the zoom looking grainy when fully zoomed? What have you done to fix it?

  • wobblywobbly

Help me out guys!
got the phone today,
I somehow closed the battery cover,
and I still have to put my sim in.
please anyone tell me how to open it
without damaging it.
it doesn't say on the manual
how to open the cover......OTL

  • dadad

hey two questions
1) isnt there a black colour for s700??
2) the s710 wont work everywhere yea???

  • Hunter

How much does the battery works whit normal usage?II wonder...????

  • Chris

Hi all i have a s700i an amazing phone but i nedd to know how i can convert mpegs to 3gp format.If anyone knows please email me thanks.
This is the daddy of all phones ppl go and buy it.

  • Mohamed Omar

hello!!! my problem is regarding how to use 8x zoom in viewing the pictures , I will really appreciate if you can find soluation for this

  • ZEIN

to: jajay chong hon keat
u rather get a samsung d500 except 4 da memory it is a lekker fone

  • jami499

No worries mate! I hope it was useful to you. Thanks

  • Jajay Chong Hon Keat

I don't know I want to buy Nokia 7610 or Sony Ericsson S700i.S700i is more expensive and bigger.Somebody can give me some opinion?