Sony Ericsson S700

Sony Ericsson S700

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  • DMX

Most likely above RM2000

Also, the digital zoom is ONLY for marketing purposes...

More of like for dumbos who things it's good to have it =P

  • FunkyGuy

S700 is awesome!! It's damn nice, no matter the functions or the look! Btw, it will out at the end of this year in M'sia? How's the price? Is it below RM2000 or above?

  • Sourav

some what looks like a PDA but must say the gozzmo's got the heavy go ahad..........

  • mc

looks shit? n complicated

  • bgrking

thanks wil ! im not that stupid afterall !

  • wil

no offence bgrking but are you stupid?
do you know what's 8 times "digital" zoom?
it's not optical zoom, so obviously the quality of the picture will definitely be degraded when it's zoomed 8 times "digitally"..
digital zoom means the software method of enlarging the picture by stretching the pixels further apart but the number of the pixels is still the same, which is 1.3 mp..
and it definitely can record videos..definitely more than 30 seconds, you can check for the phone specifications

  • bgrking

i hope the quality does not blur out when it zooms ! bcoz i want it to preserve its quality when it zooms 8 times ! 8 TIMES ! WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!! and i heard some forums saying it can video record ! hope thats true and please dont limit the video recordings to just 30 seconds!

  • Anonymous

Sony Ericsson is the new king!

  • Anonymous

Sony Ericsson won this round *Cheers*. Sony Ericsson WILL take over nokia market as nokia is behind time. well done!!! Sony Ericsson! I luv U!!!


Estoy muy complacido con este equipo, aunque en el T610 yo podia hacer algunos diseņos, parece que con este no.
me gustaria saber el precio, en que tienda lo puedo adquirir en maimi y a partir de que fecha esta disponible.
otra inquietud es si el equipo me sirve en colombia, GSM GPRS dual band (1800-1900).
gracias por la atencion prestada.

  • DMX

I'll be coming out in 4th quater 2004.

  • Anonymous

i think it is a wicked phone does n e one know when its coming out??

  • Anonymous

Will come in summer to europe.
Unlocked price 650 - 700 EUR.

  • DMX

Not out yet.

To person below.

Will be out end of the year in Malaysia. Better you aim for the K700. It's earlier and much cheaper than this, unless you don't mind waiting.

  • Jerry

Is this phone available in the market in Malaysia now.

  • Mauricio Colanzi

Where can i buy it???

  • victor ho

although it is a extremely perfer mobilephone but it is too expensive!!!.i think the original is more cheaper than it!!!

  • Anonymous

The most completely camera phone!

  • Anonymous

8 times zoom.
Enuf said

  • Anonymous

samsung p730 KILLS this phone....

killer design AND killer specs...