Sony Ericsson S700

Sony Ericsson S700

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  • Espinosa

Jerga: What frequency band do you use at Peru? I'm in Panam and we use the 850Mhz... I just wanted to know.. I mean, I'll die if they don't do an Americas version for us...

  • Anonymous

no no no S700 comes in Q4..that's either october, november or december.. :( Sad but trueim afraid..

  • Dragos

S700 comes in Q1/2004
very soon

  • Espinosa

Nokia releasing new phones next week?! YAY!!!!! I love to have choices... But I hate my indecission... Better Phones! Yes..!!! I'll be looking out for those new phones... Since Nokia appears to be the only one to take care about us in the Americas...

  • Ploty

Espinosa: Nokia 6230 killer? 6230 comes next week, S700 in Q4/2004. Next Wednesday Nokia will announce new phones. Then we could say if S700 is a Nokia killer. :)

  • Duron

I buyed P900 last week. Now S700 appear. Damn, i want my p900 latest model at least 2 month. Who like cheap second hand P900?

  • Espinosa

The GREATEST... I LOVE IT! N6230 Killer... It made me change my mind!! It's so COOL!.. I can really brag about it...

  • foo_mark

This is basically one of Sony Ericsson's Japanese style phone's which is similar to NTT DoCoMo's SO505i.

I guess they are slowly bringing Japanese style phones to other markets.

  • Jerga

The best phone!!!!!, I hope this SE arrives to PERU, all the functions you need plus a great camera. How much it will cost????

  • √∂kkeş

guys does any1 know the date when it is available and its price????:)

  • Liviu

I just bought a T610 and (after seeing this monster) I'm already regreting the spent money. :) (just a joke).

It's the greatest phone seen until now (except the smart-phones like P900).

  • Anonymous

its very cooollllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i want to buy it i want to buy it i want to buy it i want to buy it i want to buy it i want to buy it i want to buy it i want to buy it i want to buy it i want to buy it i want to buy it i want to buy it i want to buy it i want to buy it i want to buy it i want to buy it I WANT TO BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jennn

it will only be out in 4Q 2004,so....happy waiting,but this will be the phone of the year.

  • Dr_T610

holy shit.........this is da bomb!!!
once again se does it(surprise us!!)

  • Anonymous

one thing........... OMG!!!!!!!!

  • Adrian

To Kostas:Its a twist up phone, so turn up to see the buttons....Look at the pictures for it

  • kostas

Where are the numbers?is it touchscreen??nice design.isn't it a cellular phone??

  • Anonymous

This phone is great. Much better than those Nokias. Nokia cant seem to make a good phone with both design, technology and screen that is good! So from now on it'a only SE for me, gave up on Nokia a long time ago, theyr era is over..

  • Ploty

This phone comes in Q4/2004 - Nokia & Co. have plenty of time to make a better phone. (Wait for next week and CeBIT - Nokia's press conference is on Wednesday, if I remember right.)

  • san

very good phone with 256Kcolour ! Can kill Nokia etc Phone !