Sony Ericsson S710

Sony Ericsson S710

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  • Aqeel M

This is the best phone I've had so far. I used the P900, P910i, Nokia 6260, 7270, 7280. All of them are nothing compared to this phone. I'm pretty sure if you buy this phone, you won't need another phone for at least 2 years. S710 is the BEST!

  • kimber

I want this phone so bad but the price has to come down first. The lowest I've seen it is $400.00 so far. Has anyone seen it lower? Let me know where. PLEASE!! Thanks!

  • J

Whether this is interesting or not i dont know, but O2 will be receiving this phone in 6-8 weeks (25th may - 8th June). So will be in the UK soon

  • dominic

Honestly I like this phone VERY MUCH, but i can only get the silver coulor, can u tell me where to get the black coulor edition, PLEASE. and when is the next LASTEST Sony Ericsson phone coming up soon and when.

  • Garry Weil

I am looking at getting this phone. One important feature for me is the PIM features. I had trouble sync'ing my P800 with Outlook and I am wondering if this is an issue with the S710 as well. Does anyone use the Calendar or Contacts sync'ing regularly?

  • JAR

MP3 player needs more memory than the 32 MB that comes with phone. You can only get up to 128 MB with Duo. I would pass on this phone for now.

  • bob

i have this phone and its great. the camera is really clear and it also uses the pro duo. i also have another brand new one that i may plan to sell.

  • phonecrazy

hey guys does any one have this phone? cause i do and im having trouble txting people. does anyone else have this problem?

  • Dimebag

iīm not really sure about this phone is better than s700 because the bigger improvement in s710 is the speed connection (edge). besides this model has no radio and thatīs something i really use, i prefer to keep my s700!!!!!!! always remember... SE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dominic

Pros - Mp3 player, Camera, Display. Cons - only takes memory stick duo 128mb can't take the pro duo, video playback sucks huge screen but only plays in a little box

  • raw daw

good performance but its huge!!!!

  • gerogius john

is this phone only sell at US? i wanna buy this phone... please tell me

  • Anonymous

Too BIG , y is it has to b that big?!?
almost size as the PDA fones

  • Inki

Sony has done it again.This cell cell does it all and then some. .

  • phonecrazy

hey guys !! i just got this phone 2 days ago and i love it. the service is amazing( cingular) and the quality is outstanding. the camera is almost like a regular digital camera. its so clear. i got it for my bday and i took it to school and everyone who saw it when crazy over it. it definatly turns heads. i cost me $500 w a two year contract. its definatly worth the extra money. if ya guys have other questions either post it or email me. hope this hepls ne of you

  • doraemon007

hey,I see that the phone has a big screen which is good, but can anyone tell me if the phone lags when playing videos?

  • Anonymous

the phone isn't all that bad...but it's a bit bulky...the camera is awesome...but sometimes the phone lags...

  • Thakid

I got mine....Yes..This phone is a BEAST

  • Xavier

Yes those will work in Montreal when you activate an unlocked phone with Rogers

  • Mark

Does anyone know if s710a support Chinese? Thanks