Sony Ericsson Spiro

Sony Ericsson Spiro

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  • Arty

got really frustated using dis phone.....especially wen it shows "out of memory" during txt'ing :(

  • uknow

how much is this phone today?

  • uknow

how much is this phone today?

  • AnonD-2483

Whar is the headset coming along with this phone????

  • rams

i bought this phone on nov 5th..
n aftr two days i had to update my phone..
even aftr getting it formatted, my phone is still hanging.,.!!
the memory is free but still while msging, it saYS "out of memory". m sick of this phone!!!!!!

  • jesse

im not satisfied with this phone and i agree to all comments,,, the phone suck,, constantly freezing and log. and its really hard to find themes and games ,,

  • Vince

do not buy this phone i suggest you all should buy samsung champ than this phone

  • zreak

ok.. now i've got a problem in sending messages... how terrible

  • AnonD-2359

guddu, 01 Feb 2011ok ....not interested in buying this mob after reading so many o... morei just bought this mobile phone just one week back. and i'm not satisfied.

  • dotty

how do i get led of the annoying tone when i get a delivery report.and the ringing tone is not the best start out like a scream...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Feb 2011I bought a sony erricson spiro just 3 months back and thats when... moreyou can update software...

  • Juin

Can this phone sony erisson w100i can send message to more than 100 contact?

  • Adam

it laggs alot and randomly restarts.. and when it restarts.. the date and time changes!!! DONT BUY THIS PHONE. You have been warned!

  • Shuffle

Do not buy this phone.
I've suffered with Glitching, freezing, constant restarting, hanging up calls, And now my texts will not send! Other people have suffered the same problem so its not a faulty phone.

  • Anonymous

Hello Guys,

Please let me know hwz the Spiro mobile... Is it gud to buy? I am plannin to buy.. PLease suggest guyz..

I want to buy a slider model.. If not this suggest any other slider mobile which is gud..

  • Anonymous

amplifier, 19 Feb 2011nice cellphone but its hard to look for a downloadable theme . .... moreno themrs for this mobile.... am facing problems after changing my mobile mother board

  • sumit

amplifier, 19 Feb 2011nice cellphone but its hard to look for a downloadable theme . .... morebest phone i have ever used.....themes can also be downloaded thru

  • seelan

this is the worst phone i have ever had looks good but apperance are deceptive ...DONT BUY IT hangs all the there any software update for this phone i hate this phone

  • vro

use sony ericsson k850 themes it works


It nice mobile but some time hag problam . i updste new software then problam solve . it vey chp mobile gus look 5000 above mob that is best .........i exch spiro then go to cedar it is very good mob good batry backup also nice