Sony Ericsson Spiro

Sony Ericsson Spiro

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  • Aryan

I am using this handset from last 25 days and visited service center 3 times & still facing probs. This phone is a hanging device. It restarts frequently. after every 15-20 msgs it shows out of memory. and sometimes shows msgs corrupt.

  • Anonymous

Vitor, 19 Dec 2010Does it still have the auto restart problems with newest softwar... morego for zylo then........
260mb internal + 16mb external

  • jus

SapphireMellyna, 08 Dec 2010this phone is crap. i bought it, n it restart by itself frequent... moresame things happing to me its very annoying we shud get a full refund

  • jus

i too keep getting messege corrupt ther must be a fault in the spiro brands we shud all get a refund

  • Vitor

Does it still have the auto restart problems with newest software upgrade?

I'm planning on buying it, because of good sound quality, 3.5mm headphone plug and up to 16GB microSD.

I've been using an old W200 for quite a while. It's good actually, but I need more than 2GB storage space...

  • snx

sasha u r right!!!

  • Chase

Does it support multi tasking?

  • Muneeb

Can u save messages to memory card?

  • nurul

suresh, 18 Dec 2010I truly agree with you!!!!!!!!! I am also facing the same problem....I think, all the problems are about software..... Wait some time after stable software come in the market, buy it. Actually what happens all the new phone comes in the market is to 1st hold the market after that bug reappearing starts according to the problem.

  • Reddy

hi Friends .

any one knows about? how much off memory card GB supports this (Spiro) mobile.... i heard once it's supports only up 4GB.. above 4GB MSD cards it's doesn't support is it right? any one try or not?

  • suresh

raam, 07 Nov 2010i got this fone jus 2 weeks has got lots f hanging prob... moreI truly agree with you!!!!!!!!!
I am also facing the same problem....

  • Reddy

hi friends, This Reddy From India.

Actually i'm planing for buy Spiro Mobile... but i red some opinions from this post.. those opinions are doing once again think about buy this Spiro...

plz any one give me some suggestion for buy this mobile (Spiro) or not?

i'm waiting for use full advices...

  • sasha

Zvonax, 18 Dec 2010How to update the phonego to sony ericsson site and choose spiro and download latest softwere and u will need usb cable and follow steps and your mobile will be updated :)

  • Anonymous

only reads a 4gb card and nothing bigger

  • Zvonax

How to update the phone

  • sasha

mahin, 18 Dec 2010this phone eat balttery and automatic restartingtry to do master reset or update softwere,i had this problems too after master reset and update i love my mobile now :)

  • mahin

bharath, 13 Dec 2010spiro is one of the worst phones ever by se. The phone restarts ... morethis phone eat balttery and automatic restarting

  • sasha

Mike, 16 Dec 2010Thank you ;)Welcome dear friend :)

  • Mike

Thank you ;)

  • sasha

Mike, 16 Dec 2010after the sw update can i install the thm themes?yes you can but not all themes just few :)