Sony Ericsson Spiro

Sony Ericsson Spiro

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  • alex

i can tell about you about this phone perfectly b'coz ma bestfrnd is having it we both are se fanz the white one lookz great slide qulity is also good n da music too .......
n here comz da problmz
1- battery is gud fo nothing
2- lotz of softwer problmz
3- hangz a lot
4- u cnd see videos in full screen
5- while watching video fon hangs
5- battery drains so fast
6- lotz of sftwer bugs
7- no themes to download
if u want juz a mp3 player den diz fon is ok (perfect)

  • akhil

anyone know what type of theme work in spiro ,i use lot of "thm" formated theme in my phone but it didn't work .but its headset and audio is unbelevable..

  • bharath

from where do i get themes for dis mob

  • Anonymous

Too bad it's sparta and not spiro now

  • Anonymous

yeah me too, i had too many troubles in this fone.. it hangs a lot and sometimes it cant read the content of my memory card thats why i have to restart it again.. 5times minimum restart a day.. damn..

  • Anonymous

This phone is soooo bad,,
I use this phone 2 week,,
that's so many trouble,,

I tell u,,
Don't buy this phone...
That's bad phone ever..

  • amirhusni

after using this phone for 1 week, there's so many troubles of using this always restart when we're using too many functions in it..i think should trade-in this phone and get a j105 naite...

  • Anonymous

stupid phone|!!!!!!!! dont purchase this|!!!!

  • Anonymous

most of the time this phone always hang up, ang switch off|!!!! i have all the regrets, though its new still at this time its on repair|!!! god|! wat a waste

  • jitesh

foneslover, 03 Oct 2010Hey Jitesh, I wanted to inquire about this handset's picture qu... moreHey foneslover, it's camera quality is good in this segment phone. but in daylight only, at night you will definitely miss flash. but overall in 2mp without flash category it's performance is better than Nokia 2600

  • velauthan

now only i bought this phone.. little bit slow.. if you continuously press the buttons it will not hang.. it will switch off.. you have handle it smoothly.. over all for it's cost it's a very good looking phone.. fine mobile.. i bought this mobile at 5100rs

  • fonelover

hey guys, i wanted to inquire about the picture quality of this handset.whether its grainy or clear as in for a 2 mp camera without a flash??
plz reply asap.

  • foneslover

Jitesh, 01 Oct 2010Hi friends, I am giving a small review of this phone.......... ... moreHey Jitesh,
I wanted to inquire about this handset's picture quality.i know its a music fone but cam quality is my first preference. so plz tell me without a flash the pictures are grainy or clearer?? as in for a 2 mp wud be of great help. thanks

  • unholy angel

i just try use the nokia h/'s work.nice sound.

  • spiro fan

hi friends,
please Spiro owners whether spiro is having email client?
also tell me how is the internet speed ?

  • karan nagar

nice about its features and look

  • Anonymous

Sal, 01 Oct 2010Does this phone can play WMA format of the song ?nope it cant play wma formats..

  • NITROX_101

Guys i just gt da fone for 4850 2 days before n hav xperienced uncanny crashing while playing games n short time delays while navigating in menus...ppl hav suggested me to update it using se update service..i tried dat bt it wont gt past da 2nd page in it...nne1 with ne luck at updating it??pls reply asap... :(

  • lead

Stupid Fone.

Can't even minimize while recieving file via Bluetooth, No Mega Bass in Media Player.

  • Brijesh

I bought it yesterday and the audio and headphones are superb.