Sony Ericsson Spiro

Sony Ericsson Spiro

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  • Anonymous

i just got dis fone yesterday and i wonder wers da flashlyt coz it doesnt hav any.. gsm arena maybe u got it wrong. but thnx..☻

  • Manju B Raman

Saminathan, 25 Sep 2010Already launched price Rs.5100Dude can i know where did you buy ,now where it is available pls !!!!

  • M@n@&

this fon is really good i think it will going on well i suggest my all friend to buy it

  • Anonymous

Saminathan, 25 Sep 2010Already launched price Rs.5100how was battery life while hearing songs?

  • Saminathan

[deleted post]Already launched price Rs.5100

  • Dev

Can anybody tell what is the java heap size of se spiro?

  • Utkal Sharma

Hey... I bought this phone just two days before... This is my 4th phone of sony ericsson after w700i... well definately sound quality of the phone is great... but what the company was thinking making this device... there is no RAM or processing memory... that means you cannot run most of java applications on this phone... not even opera mini 5.x ... song doesnt change while pressing and holding the volume keys... no play/pause button... cannot access walkman while using any java application or game... and in last two days it got 6 times restarted... what the crap is this device... I always felt smart using the brand... but this time... Sorry guys... this phone is just crap. Complete waste of money... One more thing I didnt understand how it connect with my PC to use internet... only data transfer mode is there... if anyone knows... please tell me. Thanx

  • satya

ppl who have got this, kindly answer the following questions -

1. does it have the following -
a. flashlight, as mentioned in gsmarena
b. manage sms feature (for storing sms in memory card) and catogorize sms feature
c. code memo (for storing PINS like other sony mobiles)
d. music/photo/video dj
e. support downloaded theames

2. how is the camera quality? is it compairable to naite or other 2mp camera's in the market?

3. is photo browsing fast?

4. wats its video recording resolution - 176X144 at 15fs or 320X240 at 15fs?

5. can small size java applications be loaded in this mobile like other sony mobiles?

please help answer there and give ur review/feedback that would help many as gsmarena has not reviewed yet.... thnaks....
6. does it do mutlitasking?

7. is it compariable to naite except for 3g n front video camera??

  • jeromie

Fakhrul, 18 Sep 2010can somebody tell me where i can find does no... morehow was music quality

  • Big Mama

The highest SAR value for this model phone when tested by Sony Ericsson for use at the ear is 1.03 W/kg (10g). HOLY COW !!! For no 3g, this is outrageous !

  • jeromie

is this mobile having call & msg blocking facility

  • Anonymous

The phone that has a play,forward and backward button (dedicated music button) will be the W995,in which i have been using.

  • czc4

spiro is a tragedy can't read my photos from my old yari and has restarted 7 times within an hour. im gonna return it tommorow and pay some more to get a zylo

  • Anonymous

pero, 21 Sep 2010which SE phone has play buttons on the side????K750i, w810i

  • Abhishek

Has the phone been released in India?
I am in Chennai and want to buy this phone as soon possible. Where can I go for a live demo of this phone?
Someone please help!

  • pero

ahmad, 18 Sep 2010i bought it yesterday and now i regret it its not like other S... morewhich SE phone has play buttons on the side????

  • Alex

Can anybody tell how good is FM radio reception?

  • Mrhieu

Hey looks like it's featured with microUSB charging jack, a international-standard. love it.

  • hana

why i cant send sms using this hp..

  • ahmad

i bought it yesterday
and now i regret it
its not like other SE phones
no 'play' button on the side makes it very hard to play music
and its kinda slow sometimes
please dont buy